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Hmmmmm.  Maybe the judge wants A Certain Person to stfu?  

Citing fears that potential jurors would be wrongly swayed by loud and influential voices, a Federal judge issued a gag order to prevent tainting of the jury pool.

From the Washington Post,

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson of Washington issued the order five days after signaling her intention to do so. In a two-page order Wednesday morning, Jackson said she had received no objections by the Tuesday deadline she had set for the parties to weigh in.

Jackson barred any prejudicial statements “to the media or public settings” to safeguard the defendants receiving a fair trial, “and to ensure that the Court has the ability to seat a jury that has not been tainted by pretrial publicity.”

The ruling applied to all participants in the case, including the parties, potential witnesses and attorneys.

Now.  I wonder what would happen is SOMEBODY found twittering about this irresistible?  Could we maybe lock him up?

Just asking.


Meanwhile, Gates and Manafort remain under house arrest, apparently unable to raise the huge bail, $5 million and $10 million respectively.



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