Judge Amy Berman Jackson has concerns about how scot free convicted felon Roger Stone is walking.

It does raise the interesting question whether this was clemency by tweet, in an administration of governance by tweet, or whether documents were properly drawn up.

Now read this, because this is going to put a grin on your face.

I have no idea at this juncture whether Stone’s commutation is not legal, and Jackson Berman doesn’t seem to be inferring that. She’s focusing on the parole aspect. But the fact that the paperwork is being challenged at all, on the morning of the next business day, and the fact that DOJ guidelines specify a different scenario under which commutation is granted, may indicate that this isn’t so cut and dried. However, the worst case scenario, and with Trump you always have to consider the worst case scenario first, is that as *president” he can waive the DOJ guidelines and do whatever he wants. Or, maybe he can’t and Bill Barr knew this was coming and that’s why he advised Trump not to do it.

In any event, it’s prudent for Judge Berman Jackson to request the paperwork without revealing the full scope of what she’s investigating — if that’s what’s happening. I hate to waffle like this, but this is a breaking story and everybody is scurrying trying to figure out what’s going on. I don’t want to over blow this, but at the same time I don’t want to minimize the full dimension of what might be taking place. Maybe Roger Stone is just experiencing another delay, but not a reprieve, in his efforts to avoid incarceration.

We shall see. And it being Monday, another set of polls should be out and that should put Trump in a great mood as well. The remaining coffee pots are already trembling and trying to scootch to the back of the cabinet.


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