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Joy-Ann Reid appeared on this Sunday’s Meet The Press panel. America needed her there as the likes of Conservative journalist David Brooks, AEI’s Danielle Pletka, and New York Times Magazine Mark Leibovich attempted to go soft on Donald Trump.

Joy-Ann Reid appeared on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd and did not allow purported journalists to rehabilitate a flailing Trump as they did in the past. It was clear that the journalists did not want to seem to pile on. Unfortunately, it is that type of false balance that got our incompetent president elected.

Chuck Todd read the following snippet from Stephen Hayes’ article in the Weekly Standard.

So the president wants a book banned. He wants a political opponent in jail, and, for good measure, maybe the former FBI director, too. He thinks his former top adviser is insane. This isn’t normal. And it’s not just “Trump being Trump,” the preferred dodge of elected Republicans. It’s a reflection of the president’s troubled mind and of his erratic, irrational judgment.

Chuck then asked if Trump’s reaction to Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” pretty much corroborates it.

Joy-Ann Reid sets the record straight

David Brooks attempted to pour cold water on Todd’s statement. He said that while there is the Trump childlike behavior and chaos in the White House, many things are getting done. He said they did an offshore drilling policy change, a Pakistan policy change, DACA, Iran, and a marijuana policy change. Of course, these are all detrimental to most Americans.

“There is like a policy level going,” Brooks said. “Which Trump must have some involvement in. And so the insanity is there. But we shouldn’t go to a fairy tale, the madness of King George. Because there is a policy process that’s going on in this White House.”

Joy-Ann Reid, the only adult in the room that was never gullible about Trump, had the perfect response.

“But must he have some involvement?” Joy-Ann Reid asked sarcastically. “Because I think if Donald Trump is also impaired because I think one of the most frightening revelations were about the potential that Donald Trump is not in possession of his cognitive faculties. Because if there is a policy agenda going on, it’s not clear that it’s Donald Trump’s. It is very clear Mitch McConnell said he would sign anything we put in front of him. The idea that people who have agendas, people like Steve Bannon by the way, who just saw Trump as a pure vehicle, it doesn’t matter what Donald Trump does. They can lock him in his room with a cheeseburger in his bed all day, And they can do whatever they want. And that means that agendas that were not voted for by the majority of the American people, these are not people that are accountable to the American people, can literally do what they want.”

There was an audible gasp from the entire panel over Joy-Ann Reid’s cheeseburger comment as if that revelation wasn’t a known. TEA Party and Right Wingers come on these shows and spew nonsense and never get that disrespectful reaction. The establishment journalists gasp at a progressive stating inconvenient truths to the boring establishment narrative.

I posted the blog “Trump not smart enough to realize GOP establishment using him” that made a similar statement. It was refreshing watching Reid not allow a placating narrative. Progressives must do this at every opportunity.It was refreshing watching Reid not allow a placating narrative. Progressives must do this at every opportunity.

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