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Donald Trump loves “government by twitter” which is a term of art that Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald coined last year. The immediacy of twitter, moving at the speed of light, is a wonderful communication tool and Eichenwald maximizes it here where he shoots down years of Trump’s blatant lies about “going to the best colleges, college.

“…government by Twitter, a bizarre new world where an internet communications platform combines with an impulsive president-elect to create global chaos in investment markets, overseas halls of power and domestic agencies. In the morning or afternoon or the middle of night, Trump delivers 140-character proclamations on policy and piffle in arbitrary flashes of power and spite that shoot across the virtual firmament without warning. Discussions and debates about their content in the news media and on the internet follow for a few hours—Why can’t flag burning be banned? Why is a new Air Force One being built?—before moving on, unresolved, to another Trump topic d’Tweet.” Newsweek, January 13, 2016

Trump launches his distorted visions  on twitter but Eichenwald is the master of the art, distilling his entire argument down to a couple of tweets. 

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