Josh Marshall Goes Where Few Dare. Deep into the Manafort Hearing Transcript. It’s Must-read Stuff.

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The following material is straight from the other side of Talking Points Memo’s pay-wall.  So, you can’t read it all without shelling out the dinero (a little over $4/month).

I’ll just relay the pertinent impertinence, as it were (and remember, this is just from the un-redacted stuff in the transcript!).

Full transcript…

In most cases he [Manafort] made a concerted effort to create an alternative factual narrative which was not consistent with the evidence.

Often he concocted multiple ones. As Jackson noted, this pattern (creating an alternative and detailed factual narratives) is almost certainly evidence of intentional deception rather than poor memory or confusion. As she puts it on page 10:

“My concern isn’t with non-answers or simply denials, but times he affirmatively advanced a detailed alternative story that was inconsistent with the facts.”

I recently wrote an article where I speculated this.  And here it is, straight from Judge Jackson’s mouth.

The case I made was that the Judge could not know Manafort lied intentionally, without knowing what the true facts were.  So, Mueller’s team knows who Manafort met with, and what they talked about.

More, you say?

There’s clearly talk about the ‘peace plan’, seemingly also about polling data. But the heart of the discussion is about Manafort’s repeated lies about his interactions with Konstantin Kilimnik, his longtime deputy for his work in Ukraine.


……as Judge Jackson notes, Manafort’s relationship and dealings with Kilimnik seemed to be at the core of the deception.

For example:


What is clear, though, is that Manafort was still working his business machinations with Russia and Ukraine while he was running the campaign of a candidate who was trying to curry favor with Russia and being actively assisted by Russia.

Manafort could not stop lying about his dealings with Kilimnik, even though his deputy, Rick Gates, had apparently already spilled all the beans (see pages 32 and particularly the first sentence at the top of page 33). The jig was up; he kept lying.

No mundane criminality could possibly explain his actions. He’s at the center of the conspiracy.

Candidate Donald J. Trump’s CAMPAIGN MANAGER was dealing directly with a man, during the campaign, described by a Mueller indictment against the same CAMPAIGN MANAGER as “Person A (Kilimnik)” — who “has ties to Russian intelligence agencies, or is a Russian intelligence operative.

You want a “smocking gun” ?

How about this:

  1. The investigation concerns Trump campaign collusion with Russia
  2. Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump hired multiple people who had current ties to Russian operatives, politicos and intelligence.
  3. ALL of those people met with those Russian operatives during the campaign.
  4. ALL of those people then LIED about their meetings with those Russian operatives.
  5. Nearly ALL of the indictments so far, of these campaign operatives, have to do with these meetings or lies about them.

Add to this, that campaign polls were shared back and forth

Add to this, that a “peace plan” was discussed (quid pro quo)

Add to this, that stolen emails were shared from Guccifer 2.0, through Wikileaks, to Trump’s campaign

Add to this, that Donald J. Trump publicly asked Russia to find Hillary’s emails and that very same day, Russians hacked her accounts for the first time.

Add to this, that releases of these stolen emails were coordinated with the campaign

Add to this that President Trump has REPEATEDLY lied about all of this, and CONTINUES to “believe” Putin’s lie that they had nothing to do with the hacking.

If you want to believe that all of these lies have their own separate qualifications/excuses, be my guest.

But as they say, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…….


  • All of the above info is straight from Mueller filings, or was seen with our very own eyes.
  • The Mueller investigation will likely pay for itself
  • The Mueller investigation is one of the most efficient and successful of its kind
  • Judge Jackson is presiding over Manafort’s, Stone’s and Patten’s proceedings
  • Roger Stone will likely be tried in D.C. (!!!)
  • Trump and Manafort have a JDA (joint-defense agreement)…

Sam Patten will be sentenced April 12th

Roger Stone’s trial (if it happens) is months off.  He and his lawyers have been gagged.

Paul Manafort has been in prison for over eight months now.  He has completely lost his plea agreement, and Mueller has suggested 19.5 to 24.5 years in prison for him.

From a knowledgable TPM commenter:

The SCO’s latest filing on Stone puts Roger in a world of hurt. He’s stuck in the barrel and he’s not getting out. It’s not just 1 ‘collusion’ this week, but 2: “Certain.. defendants, through a fictitious online persona they created, Guccifer 2.0, also interacted directly with Stone concerning other stolen materials..”

It gets worse for Roger, “The government related this case to the earlier indictment returned in United States v. Netyksho (GRU)…as a prosecution against a different defendant that arises from “activities which are a part of the same alleged criminal event or transaction.”

“In particular, evidence , in this case,was found in accounts that were subject to search warrants executed in Netyksho.” “Several of those search warrants were executed on accounts that contained Stone’s communications with Guccifer 2.0 and with Organization 1 [WIKILEAKS]”.

“..the criminal conduct alleged in Netyksho was a central focus of the congressional investigation that the defendant is alleged to have obstructed & therefore the activities underlying the crimes charged.. are part of the same activities underlying the crimes charged in this case.”

His ‘false statements did not arise in a vacuum: they were made in the course of an investigation into possible links between Russian individuals.., individuals associated with the dumping of materials (including Org 1 [WIKILEAKS]), and U.S. persons (including [STONE]).”

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