José Andrés offers lunch lady a job after she’s fired for giving food to a hungry child

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A story went viral this week of a New Hampshire lunch lady, Bonnie Kimball, losing her job after allowing a student with an $8 school lunch debt to take his food without paying. The student paid his school debt the following day but Kimball was called into the Cafe Services manager’s office and released. Kimball had worked as the lunch lady for Cafe Services, at Mascoma Valley Regional High School, for five years preceding the firing on March 29. It was only a couple of weeks before that Kimball was given a good review by her boss.

Word spreads around the internet fast and an angel named José Andrés responded. Andrés is the world famous chef and “Humanitarian of the Year,” known for reaching out to anybody and everybody he can to help in any way he can.

You don’t have to share his political views to understand that this is a man with real humanitarian integrity. His work to help people in crisis in Haiti and Puerto Rico alone is awe inspiring. Whether he’s reaching out to help federal workers in trouble because of petty government shutdowns, offering places to stay for newly elected congressional representatives in need, or heading down to the southern border of the United States to help out families in very stressful and dangerous times, José Andrés sounds like someone anybody would enjoy working for.

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