Jon Stewart takes on Stonewalling McConnell

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Jon Stewart takes on Stonewalling McConnell — for turning 9/11 Responder’s Health problems, into just another GOP bargaining chip.  Mitch McConnell always holds out to the last minute before funding another few years of support for our nation’ Heroes — and then always in exchange for some GOP Agenda item — before he ultimately “lets” the GOP will do the right thing.

OK, a few more years of “stop-gap” funding, as the toxicity of that Twin Towers site continues to take its toll.

But as Jon Stewart so rightly puts it, the funding should not even have a time limit — because there is “No expiration date on cancer” …

If Dems were smart they’d take that weaselly clip of Mitch McConnell playing dumb, and put it on endless loops in their campaign ads.  String together all the times Mitch “played Poker” with 9/11 Responder’s Health, and run those clips in Kentucky nonstop, until McConnell’s cynical stinginess, forces him to take an early retirement from the public outcry.

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Learn more about the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) here.  They have a Donation link.

This time Mitch McConnell has reached his ‘sell-by date’.  By routinely not bringing Bills up to the floor, for a Vote, or even a Debate — Mitch McConnell is making a mockery of the very Constitution, he has sworn to uphold and defend.

Doing Nothing is Not Governing McConnell.

  In other words, it is long past the time for Mitch McConnell to go.  Anywhere, but here.

“Principles” are for those other guys.
Some things are just not worth the risk.  Why chance it?

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