This is an interesting video. It’s narrated by Cindy McCain, John McCain’s widow and it depicts “a friendship that shouldn’t have worked” between Senator McCain on one side of the aisle and Senator Biden on the other. It’s charming. It’s guaranteed to get under insult comic Donald Trump’s skin, because these are not the images or emotions of his life, that much is certain.

This is effective. This should impress Republicans of the John McCain stripe, although those people are certain to vote out Trump anyhow. Beyond that, this is an image of what bi-partisanship looks like, and going forward, it’s a good image to have. This country needs to unite, something fierce.

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  1. What a epic moment and a awesome tribute Joe Biden late John McCann. Thank you Mrs McCann for the tribute to both men. John will never be forgotten for all his service in the Military and in the Senate. Rest In Peace Senator McCann.


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