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Whatever remaining scales may have needed to fall from the eyes of beholders of John Kelly, his crack this morning about refugees should disabuse anybody of the notion that John Kelly is a stabilizing influence in the skewed Trump administration. John Kelly is not even a good human being. New York Times:

This past summer, the Trump administration debated lowering the annual cap on refugees admitted to the United States. Should it stay at 110,000, be cut to 50,000 or fall somewhere in between? John F. Kelly offered his opinion. If it were up to him, he said, the number would be between zero and one.

His record speaks for itself plainly. He has portrayed undocumented immigrants as criminals so that he can conduct raids on them with greater ease. Kelly is just as depraved and unconcerned about human rights as his boss:

Under Mr. Kelly’s leadership, the Department of Homeland Security also went after undocumented parents who bring their children into the country. He directed immigration officials to lodge smuggling charges against the parents, saying they were putting children in danger.

“Kelly has been an enabler of Trump’s mission,” said Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant homeland security secretary under Mr. Obama. “Judge him that way.”

His image as a steady, nonideological figure trying to restore order in the White House in the face of a radical president, she added, was not true. Mr. Kelly, she said, was not “the savior or the hostage.”

Other Democrats have expressed alarm at Mr. Kelly’s views on immigration. At a dinner including Mr. Trump and the Democratic leaders Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, Mr. Kelly gave an extended critique of Mexico, calling it a third-world country in danger of collapsing the way Venezuela has and arguing that the United States needed to guard itself against that, according to people informed about the conversation.

It is no wonder that Mexico, formerly our good neighbor to the south has gotten totally fed up with Trump and his pack of mongrels, of which Kelly is the Chief of Curs.  Mexico already retaliated against Trump and his insults earlier this year by establishing an agricultural agreement with Argentina. Starting next year Mexico will be buying 100% of her corn, rice, wheat and soy from Argentina duty free. In exchange Mexico will ship cars to Argentina, duty free. This will take away $13Billion annually from American farmers. So much for Making America Great Again, what would Trump do if he wanted to trash the place? Kelly’s remarks to Schumer and Pelosi were just more nails in the American coffin that Trump has constructed. Mexico is not deserving of that level of disrespect.

Finally, calling Congresswoman Frederica Wilson an empty barrel was merely the icing on the racist cake. And surely it’s been noticed that despite admonitions from the women of the Congressional Black Caucus and from Congressman Elijah Cummings to apologize to Wilson that there has been no apology forthcoming — nor will there be.

John Kelly is actually as advertised, by his actions as well as his words. We would do well to believe that he is who he says he is. He’s a Trump toady and a Trump enabler, nothing more.

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