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CNBC political reporter John Harwood goes there and I believe rightly so.

According to the Washington Post—the Trump administration and the Saudis are scheming to come up with an excuse for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi:

The Trump administration and the Saudi royal family are searching for a mutually agreeable explanation for the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi — one that will avoid implicating Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is among the president’s closest foreign allies, according to analysts and officials in multiple countries.

But it will be difficult for the young ruler to escape scrutiny, as mounting evidence points not only to the Saudi government’s knowledge of Khashoggi’s fate, but also to a connection by Mohammed to his disappearance.

Harwood then tweets this sobering and very realistic take on a possible cover-up between the Saudis and the Trump Administration:

Trump’s ties to the Saudis are well known, that even Fox News Research tweeted quite an impressive little list of those close ties:

The “president” of the United States has financial interests with the Saudis.

The “president” has repeatedly attacked journalists here who criticized him.

The Saudis brutally murder a journalist that criticized them.

The “president” is now scheming with the Saudis, so he can protect his financial interests. Nothing that comes from this administration is ever unbelievable, because it’s morally corrupt and depraved. The “president” and his cronies will do anything for money, including collaborating to cover-up a brutal murder.

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  1. @John Harwood, be careful and keep an eye out, because of all of the criminal tax cheat in charge’s past due “debts” to rich dics, we are fast becoming just another repressive regime in the world.

  2. You all know we are going to war with Iran, right? by proxy thru the Saudis, they will try to overthrow the regime, take all off their money, riches, loot the country and steal every last ounce of oil that they can, all with the blessing of derr hampdick in the name of money. And THEN, blame it on the dems and Obama of course.


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