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If you thought Steve Bannon on the National Security Council was a disaster, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Warmonger and former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton just got named as H.R. McMaster’s replacement as National Security Advisor and he is not the Russia hawk that you remember. Bolton is deeply involved with the Russia/NRA cabal and even went on Russian TV talking about it. Talking Points Memo:

TPM has previously reported on the links between the NRA and Right to Bear Arms, which was founded by Russian banker and “lifetime” NRA member Aleksandr Torshin. The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Torshin illegally channeled Russian funds to the NRA on behalf of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. The NRA has denied any wrongdoing.

Torshin is a close friend of former NRA president David Keene. Keene asked Bolton to record the short clip, and had appointed Bolton to the NRA’s international affairs subcommittee in 2011, according to NPR’s report.

In the same year the video was made, Torshin attended the NRA convention in Houston with conservative heavyweights including Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, and Bolton himself.

Here’s our National Security Advisor on Russian television talking about how the right to bear arms in Russia is so key to their “democracy.” Bear in mind, this is a total sham — Torshin may talk about the right to bear arms in Russia but Putin is dead set against it. Bolton is apparently too dumb to know he’s being played; or is he on Putin’s payroll, too?

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