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Yelling and back-stabbing news leaks shall prevail. Maybe they were claiming authorship of the anonymous Op-Ed in the NY Times. Maybe Secretary Nielsen will have another restaurant-related confrontation.

Bolton criticized Nielsen, a former Kelly deputy whom he advocated to replace him at the department. Trump sided with Bolton, the person said, which may once again stir speculation that Kelly will soon depart the White House.

Trump has lately expressed fury about a large group of migrants who are traveling from Honduras toward the U.S. border. He vowed Thursday to deploy the military and shut down the Mexican border unless the migrants are turned back.…

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  1. Why isn’t t h is administration working with Mexico to be proactive. Set up some sort of commission to meet the marchers before they get clear through Mexico and begin either giving them clearance documents or tell them they aren’t getting in and they will be detained on the Mexican side and returned to whatever Country they came from. Problem solved. Of course, this means tRUMP will have to actually work with Mexico, but Mexico doesn’t want all these people either, so it would be a benefit to everyone to take care of this problem BEFORE it gets to the US borders.

  2. posted this in the comment section of Washington Post report on the Caravan of women, children and families marching towards the US/Mexico border…. MSM needs to make this a front page story
    ..I am very concerned about this “caravan”. Strong indication it is the 2018 version of “Russian interference in the 2016 election”……A well funded effort by US GOP/Right WIng/ Trump operatives….What is propelling these folks to march towards the US border at this time? Whispering campaign started making ‘promises’ to desperate people? Is this the GOP instigated “October surprise”? Create a massive disturbance….perhaps even violent between US Border forces and “Illegal immigrants”. Trump is desperate…He knows what he faces if the Democrats win the House. Fanning the flames to propel this base to the polls in 19 days…..As he told the crowd “A lot of money’s been passing through people to come up and try to get to the border by Election Day because they think that’s a negative for us,”…..
    Lots of money passing through these people (ie the activists) not from Democrats……. He has revealed the GOP STRATEGY TO WIN 2018.


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