I’ve been using the word “Trumplicans” to describe a certain strain of Republican voter, the ones 100% beyond reach, could have video of him paying off a street dealer for crack and then nominating the dealer for the federal bench, and the voter would talk about freedom and alternative medications. The Trumplican party plays by no rules, norms, or constitution, it does what it can, wherever it can, for the purpose of making money and keeping “those people” in line. That’s it.

John Boehner sees the same thing, only he believes the Republican party is just taking a nap (fine, anesthesia, forever) “somewhere.” The really strange part is that Boehner – who is hard not to like in person, believe me – isn’t all that critical of Trump. “If you peel away the noise and the tweets, the things that he’s doing are really good things.”

Maybe John Boehner doesn’t quite get it. I realize that tax cuts and regulation cuts are the only reason the Republican party exists, but to say Trump has done “good things” if you peel away all the BS is to ignore reality. Because you can’t peel away the noise and the tweets from the things he’s doing, they’re one in the same, they’re meant to further the same ends, AND – this is the big one – Trump has yet to face a crises, at least an international crises. He faced a domestic crises in Puerto Rico and some still don’t have power, and the official death toll is now near 6500, more than Katrina. What happens when there is a true international crises?

Don’t believe me that Boehner can be tough not to like in person? Here’s a quote about Trump telling Melania that he promised he wouldn’t win:

“I think Donald Trump promised Melania that he would not win. She didn’t have to worry about ever living in the White House. It’s probably why she doesn’t look real happy every day. But, well, maybe one reason,” he quipped.

Boehner may be enjoying the tax cuts and regulation bonfire, and he may be blind to the reality of the danger Trump imposes, but he does recognize that the Republican party is gone in a nap that involves CPR, and he can be pretty funny, too.

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  1. “he believes the Republican party is just taking a nap (fine, anesthesia, forever) “somewhere.”
    How in the hell can he equate a “nap” to the reality of “suicide”? The Republican party has shot itself in the head. If it had a brain, it would be dead by now.


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