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I haven’t seen anything on President Biden’s speech today. I accidentally came across it when I tuned to MSNBC for info on the Special Master ruling. They broke in to cover the entire speech and it was a barn burner. I think it was as good as his Presidential Speech in Philadelphia a few days ago. 

He started strongly with the importance of Unions. He continued with the legislation that the Dems have passed, stressing that NO Repubs in Congress voted for any of it. Jobs, infrastructure, inflation reduction, He specifically talked about the CHIPS act and pointed out that the US is where microchips were invented so we should be the leader in making them. He hit all the highlights, you know the list.

Then he went after the elephant in the room, MAGA Republicans, even going so far as calling them “Trumpies”. He went after RoJo and Rick Scott for going after SS. And one of my favorite lines was “I’m so sick and tired of trickle down economics”. 

He spoke forcefully and even angrily at times. His plain speaking reminds me of Pres Truman more all the time. He may say “I’m not joking” and “I really mean it” a little too much, but I can live with that. He even acknowledged a heckler, asking for the crowd to let him go and then saying  “Everyone is entitled to being an idiot.”

I hope everyone gets a chance to watch 37 minutes of Pres Biden unleashing his Dark Brandon. He’s ready and loving it. 

One more thing… the rally ended with *John Philip Sousa’s “The Stars and Stripes Forever”. That’s classic Joe that will go over the head of everyone who isn’t a boomer. Gotta love him.

*I’ve had a few comments that the Sousa reference was confusing. Maybe I didn’t put it very well… We boomers know the song. It was pretty common to use on 4th of July, rallies and campaigns when I was growing up. I don’t know how many under 40 will know the song. We have become used to popular songs being used for campaigns and rallies (often against the wishes for the artists). Just a thought that this could be interpreted as President Biden being out of touch and younger people won’t relate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he did it. I love patriotic, brass band, Sousa marches.  I thinks it’s another way for us to reclaim patriotism. Then again, for as many people who saw the speech to the end they probably didn’t noticed.

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