Joe Biden with Face Mask makes Fox News Heads explode

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Joe Biden, on Memorial Day, visited and laid a wreath at the Veterans Memorial Park in New Castle, Delaware. Joe and Jill Biden were wearing masks, as were most of the personnel around them. Joe looked mighty good, dignified and debonair on this solemn occasion.

This was the first time since March 15 that Biden has been seen in public; he has remained in isolation at his home in Wilmington, Delaware as prescribed by health authorities and the state government to protect the elderly and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Responding to a reporter, Biden said — “Never forget the sacrifices that these men and women made. Never, ever, forget.”

Here are a few more images and additional coverage of the event.

The Joe Biden masked look and the solemn occasion were noticed by right-wing media and Brit Hume of Fox News, who had to come up with something quick to trash the very presidential performance by Biden, given that trump does not wear a mask except for the one time he wore one for a few minutes at the Ford factor. So, Brit Hume tweeted this —

The occupant of the White House re-tweeted this as well. Looks like Brit Hume, like most right-wingers, is trying to get his tweets posted on trump’s twitter page. His paycheck probably depends on it.

Who knows what message Brit was trying to send to trump supporters, but it seemed to be aimed at feeding the crazed opposition in right-wing world to masks, social-distancing, science, doctors and competence. Perhaps, Fox is concerned that Biden looked handsome and presidential and the electorate might catch on.

Journalists and writers were quick to drown out Hume’s ugly message with a barrage of simple truths. Hopefully, this will be a learning moment for Hume, but we doubt it.

Stephen King @StephenKing

Trump doesn’t wear a mask in public because he’s afraid of what the press might say. That makes him a coward in my book. Anyone who is afraid of looking bad is cowardly.

Yes, Brit, let’s not lead by example. Let’s not protect our friends, family and co-workers. Wearing a mask is the right thing to do. Just because @realDonaldTrump decides not to do it, doesn’t like it, doesn’t like what it looks like, still makes his decision wrong.

Biden is wearing one because science says it stops the spread, and he is being respectful of his fellow Americans.This saddens me honestly Brit, because I don’t agree with your politics, but I respected your PoV before Trump. You have gone down the conspiracy theorist hole.

What—and I cannot stress this enough—the fuck is wrong with you?It’s not about HOW YOU LOOK… it’s about WHAT IT DOES…

It’s almost like there is a pandemic or something. Also: Biden looks cool as hell out here setting an example. You know, like presidents are supposed to do.

Jeff Tiedrich @itsJeffTiedrich

Biden is a badass. the president is a hopped-up-on-drugs bloated creampuff with dainty baby hands dangling from his withered t-rex arms, teetering on 3″ lifts in his shoes and a girdle that makes him pitch forward like he’s about to face-plant. but whatever you say, Brit

Brit Hume, trying to own the libs, ends up owning himself.

The equivalent of mocking someone for wearing a seatbelt. Or a bike helmet. Such a shameful and embarrassing post.

Yeah Britt,  because Trump doesn’t look ridiculous enough in public with the raccoon look with orange face paint and a rat on his head, teetering over like an overweight penguin with a red tie hanging over his man boobs to below his massive waistline, all while wearing diapers.

Palmer Report @PalmerReport

Nah it’s because Trump is an insecure narcissist and he wears easily smearable orange face paint.

One candidate has allowed nearly 100,000 Americans to die in a plague. The other wears a mask to set an example for public health.Tough call.

Chris Hayes @chrislhayes

This is a perfect and perfectly revealing tweet. Thank you!

Brit even doubled down on the crass tweet — he must love punishment.

It’s not the mask, it’s what’s behind it that matters and makes you look good.

Insecure unmanly man ain’t gonna wear no mask no more.

We agree, that’s what a Commander-in-Chief looks like.

One can expect that this is what right-wing world and its infestation of Russian and American bots will do from now until November, throwing vile juvenile insults at Joe Biden and Democrats in general, since they cannot win on their ideas or their record and their base has been trained into relishing innuendos and lies. Let’s stay vigilant and keep neutralizing their ugly message, while spreading the truth about Democrats, Joe Biden and the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Joe Biden looks and acts like a President should look and act.


Jill will actually work at being First Lady too.

Seth Abramson… your tweet made my day… “Brit Hume, you sad goblin…” You sir, are a Gawd!!! Truth to sewage, Brit begged for a pimp slapping, and thank you dearly for delivering it with alacrity and just vigor. Protected speech has limits. You can’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre or incite a riot. I assert what FOX New-free Zone does is tantamount to both. I would begin looking for Conservative Republicans dead of COVID, and talking to their families about a class action suit against FOX, that would leave an epic smoking financial hole the likes of which nobody… Read more »

Masks aren’t the only difference. Unlike the 2 freeloaders in The White House, Jill and Joe Biden are a real married couple. Jill will make an excellent First Lady.


Hey Britt, trump and you should wear one that could help your looks. A man, and women wear masks because they are intelligent and considerate, were as inhuman fake reporters don’t. Just wait till it might happen to you that you might test positive and become sick, and who the hell cares. Blank brain. Leads to running mouth.