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I would like to switch gears for a while. It seems that Trump is all everyone talks about. I believe we have hit near saturation levels on him. Although I like to try to inform you of all his failures, it has recently become a burden to beat the various writers to the show. So, now something about Biden.

If we consider Joe Biden to be our next president, we should look at him and we should look at what other countries think about him. I came across an interesting article about Russia and Putin so I guess we just jump right in. Now before everyone goes off half-cocked that somehow I am saying Joe Biden has a connection with Putin, that’s not my intent, and Joe Biden is very adamant against any kind of connection with the man.

What I am talking about is Putin versus America. To Putin, Trump is a pushover. And I truly believe that once we unravel Trump’s financial records, we will find a definite Kremlin connection, but not directly related to Putin. But, of course, there is nothing of any great importance that Putin doesn’t approve. But, Putin likes the idea of Biden becoming president because he belongs to the Democratic Party which has many similarities to communism. That is not to say Democrats are communist. Very far from it, but Republicans are constantly trying anything to block democracy with Democrats. Republicans believe in an authoritarian rule which comes under a fascist government, which many third-world countries have. Putin thinks that Joe Biden would be easy to work with, and Russia is desperate to work with the United States. Although Trump has his nose up Putin’s ass he refuses to work with Russia. They have made many attempts to come to the table and Trump refuses to do that.

Now, why would you want America to bargain with Russia?  It’s very simple. They have a very large country that is floundering and they need to deal with someone and until Trump came along we were the big dog on the block. Now with Joe at the head of the table, Russia would be able to advance Russians developing economies.

The Black Lives Matter issue is also a talking point as Russians had this in these talks in the nineteen-thirties when they unified Blacks and Whites against imperialism and capitalism. They understand the protests and see them as something to discuss. Although he refers to Joe Biden as the representative of the Democratic Party he does use his name on the strategic arms treaty that will soon run out. Putin is no dummy and he sees Trump as erratic and difficult to deal with. The whole point here is that although Trump is Putin’s pet, he’s not as dependable as a negotiator. Imagine that?!!  Trump is again rejected on the world stage. Putin has avoided giving any specific support to either candidate. He knows Joe Biden who has in the past stood up to Putin and has officially warned him not to interfere in our democratic elections.

Trump has already given Putin an edge in his denial of Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Putin has used this at home in his dealings with his own country. Now we need to keep an open dialogue with Russia to ward off any negative diplomacy between our countries. Republicans want to keep Russia as an enemy so they can control the narrative in any negotiations. This is not a good way to treat a country like Russia. Putin does see a large anti-Russia rhetoric from the Democratic Party but they have become accustomed to that. And we have Joe Biden and he has experience dealing with Putin and they know where each other stands. Now having good relationships with the Russians is essential to furthering the push for Democratic societies to advance our human and cultural behavior in other countries. This is a good thing. And I believe that with Joe Biden we could develop good relationships with all nations. This is not to say that Putin has given any indication that he prefers one candidate over the other. He says he will try to work with whoever wins.

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