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Joe pledges to reverse the damage Donald Trump has done to America’s foundation.  The foundation he describes as:  Democracy and Equality for all people.

Joe Biden: Trump erodes America’s foundation. This July 4, I pledge to rebuild it.

NBC News, — July 4, 2020    [the article has the Biden Video]


Our democracy rose up from the ground when we ended slavery and ratified the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. It rose higher when women fought for suffrage — and won. It was fortified when a lawyer named Thurgood Marshall persuaded the Supreme Court to strike down “separate but equal” and blaze a trail for opportunity in Brown v. Board of Education. And when our nation opened its eyes to the viciousness of Bull Connor and the righteousness of the Freedom Riders — and responded with outrage, and a new Civil Rights Act and a Voting Rights Act — we built it stronger still.

Title IX. The Indian Self-Determination Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act. Marriage equality. DACA. Black Lives Matter. Brick by brick — and, all too often, against long odds and violent opposition — the American people have labored to expand the scope, strength and meaning of American democracy. There has always been a push and a pull between our founding ideals and the forces of inequality. But Independence Day is a celebration of our persistent march toward greater justice — the natural expansion of our founding notion from “all men are created equal” to “all people are created equal and should be treated equally throughout their lives.”

That pursuit of a more perfect union has been thrown off course in recent years — and no one bears more responsibility than President Donald Trump. Every day, he finds new ways to tarnish and dismantle our democracy — from baseless attacks on our voting rights to the use of military force against Americans protesting peacefully for racial justice. He has systematically gone after the guardrails of our democracy: the free press, the courts, and our fundamental belief that no one in America — not even the president — is above the law. He has made it clear time and again that he won’t hesitate to tear apart our most cherished democratic structures for an ounce of personal gain. And that corruption of our founding principles threatens everything this nation has worked so hard to build, blighting our ability not only to elevate our values, but also to lead the world.

Democracy, after all, is more than just the foundation of our society — it is the wellspring of our power. It is the defining American quality, the one which sustains our moral authority to keep the peace, drive progress, and marshal nations to work together to take on global threats. Rebuilding and expanding our democracy are essential to the long-term vitality of our nation. That’s why, as president, I will take immediate action to reverse the damage Donald Trump has done to our core democratic rights and institutions.

[…]   [emphasis added]

Joe Biden goes on talk specifically about the Trump damage, that he as President would fix:

  •  I will restore the Voting Rights Act — and fight to eliminate shameful barriers to voting that the Republicans have put up in recent years, ensuring that Americans in every neighborhood can participate in person or by mail on Election Day or during early voting windows.
  • immediately reversing Trump’s cruel and counterproductive asylum, travel ban, and family separation policies — and reaffirming our innate identity, reflected in our Constitution and emblazoned in the Statue of Liberty, as a nation of immigrants.
  • independence of our judiciary and the freedom of our press.
  • rooting out systemic racism from every area of society it infects — from unfairly administered COVID-19 recovery funds, to laws that perpetuate racial wealth gaps, to health disparities, to housing policy, to policing, to our justice system and everywhere in between.

— —

What a difference such a change in leadership — and vision — will make.

Biden will be a leader who is actually “steering the ship” — to get us to that place of “liberty and justice for ALL people.”  … Not just the privileged inhabitants of Trumplandia.

What a difference having a REAL Captain at the wheel will make.


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  1. Trump is an ego maniacal sociopath that only thinks and acts to enrich his own self or position. He will go down as the worst president the POTUS office every had.

    • They won’t struggle if they can get — at minimum — parity in the senate (50 dems, 50 repubs) with the Vice President the tie-breaking vote. If it’s a 2/3 majority to override a veto, then something’s wrong w/across-the-aisle If the Senate numbers end up 49 repubs, and 51 dems, then Moscow Mitch is the Minority Leader, presiding over the minority of Senate repubs. He’ll have as much recognition, voice, and control and recognition as he gives Chuck Schumer, Senior Democrat in the Senate who will be running the show. The difference between Mitch and Chuck is that Chuck Schumer WILL ‘reach across the aisle’ and engage repubs so something will get done that everyone can live with.
      Chuck Schumer is NOTHING like Mitch McConnell. If legislation come to the Senate from the House of Reps, he won’t bury it and refuse to act on it — or, even READ it. The House has passed over 400 bills — most with bipartisan support — that were never even REAL by the Senate. If Mitch says, “We won’t act on it,” he won’t even open it. VOTE BLUE in NOVEMBER. VOTE BLUE, VOTE BLUE, VOTE BLUE! Get the greedy pigs out of our government and OUR White House, and bring back the good career specialists Trump has banished: men and women of INTEGRITY!

  2. The sad and awful truth is that billionaires and bankers have paid top dollar for the crap grenade precisely because he so outrages the sensibilities and so damages the infrastructure of Democracy, that the wealthy and powerful can rob the nation blind, and it’s only the 28 priority as the nation burns to the ground.

    We need to structurally alter the nature of the human enterprise to include humanity, dignity, compassion, integrity, and social conscience. With only profit as the first, last, and only goal, we are all doomed to a dying planet lead by self-gratifying idiots, willing to end the world in name of their bottomless lust.

    This is a pivotal moment for humanity. I pray we all rise to the occasion, or we’ll all certainly fall.

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