Joe Biden owns Fox News reporter during morning bike ride

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This morning, on a bike ride—one of those physical activities I have yet to see the world’s healthiest orange president do—Joe Biden was asked a question by Fox News’ Peter Doocy: “Mr. Vice President, have you picked a running mate yet?” Biden, in response, answered “Yeah, I have.” Doocy, believing he had a scoop, asked: “You have? Who is it?” Biden responded: “It’s you,” and continued to ride away.

The obvious truth is that it is incredibly likely Biden does have a running mate, but why give that to Fox New? Rather than accept the answer tongue-in-cheek, though, Fox News continued to report as though they had a big scoop on hand.

Let’s roll the tape.

Doocy tries to salvage their reporting: “Okay, so he didn’t know the follow up was coming, but he did answer with a direct ‘yes.’ He has picked a running mate.”

Apparently too ashamed to admit that Joe Biden had just made them look like fools, Fox News continued with their “News Alert” until Biden’s spokesman, TJ Ducklo, had to chime in with the obvious.

This incident establishes a few things all at once.

  • Biden can clearly ride a bike, and the mask doesn’t impede him, despite conservative claims;
  • Biden can think on his feet fast enough to spin a Fox News reporter around and leave him in the dust;
  • Fox News is still having a very difficult time landing anything on the Biden campaign.

P.S. Everyone who is ever asked the question “Have you chosen a running mate?” knows the follow-up is coming.

I could watch this over and over and laugh every time.

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6 Comments on "Joe Biden owns Fox News reporter during morning bike ride"

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Marie Tobias

Joe Biden, you dirty bird… that poor man had quit Fox News, told his family they were moving to D.C. and found a buyer for his house only to find out you were having your wild and wooly way with him! LOL, Good one!

Noel Lally
Noel Lally



Loving it!!! Ridin’ with Biden ????

Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan

FOX was outfoxed by Joe ‘cause Joe Biden ain’t hidin’ –
The Holy One’s on Biden’s side throwing Trump’s heresy aside


That went to air at 9.57am. The orangutan baby would’ve still been asleep in his racing car shaped bed getting a morning woody dreaming of a 3some with his bffs, Putin and Jong-un.


Well Joe Biden sticks it right we’re it hurts. Great job V.P. Joe Biden