Joe Biden Isn’t Worried About Iowa or New Hampshire and What He Says Makes Sense

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The results of the Iowa caucus are having a disproportionately large effect on the morale of the Democrats right now, and we need to get this in proper perspective. Iowa was an anomaly because of the snafu with the app and the software. Beyond that, it’s been questioned for some time if Iowa is the first state that an initial vote should take place in, for the simple reason that it is hardly representative of 21st Century America, let alone the Democratic party, being 95% white. Beyond that, even, it was predicted that Pete Buttigieg would do well, because of the geographical proximity to Indiana. But now the result of Buttigieg doing well has been to bury Joe Biden’s chances for the nomination and that’s not realistic.

Now Biden did come out and say that he wasn’t sure that New Hampshire would be good to him either, and while some people are seeing that as an unnecessarily defeatist gaffe, the truth is that the same dynamic exists in New Hampshire as in Iowa, but with respect to Bernie Sanders, who is quite popular in neighboring Vermont, understandably.

The thing to bear in mind is that neither Iowa nor New Hampshire represent the heartbeat of America quite so much as upcoming South Carolina or Nevada, where Biden is predicted to do quite well. So, let’s chill out, as Biden is doing, and remember one thing: It’s not over until it’s over. Vote for the candidate you like and encourage everybody you know to do the same, because the one thing that is going to rescue our country from the waking nightmare of Donald Trump in the Oval Office is if the Democrats get out to vote. As I’ve said before, and will say again, we are a herd of cats, but when we unite, we are a pride of lions and no one can beat us.

Biden was on George Stephanapolous’ program Sunday and here’s what he said, in part:

Biden: Bernie won here by 20 points the last time. Neighboring senator. You’re bucking an uphill fight.

GS: No one has ever come in below second in Iowa and New Hampshire and has ever won the nomination.

Biden: Well, no one has ever been able to win the nomination without getting overwhelming support from the African American community, either. And so far, no one’s been doing that but me. Look, the thing that changes this election is that everybody in the Democratic party is united about one thing: You have to beat Donald Trump. In order to do that everybody knows you’ve got to bring out the black vote and the brown vote and you’ve got to be able to do it. I’ve been able to do that so far.

Here’s the ten minute clip. Biden’s right about beating Trump being the number one priority. Biden is also right about bringing out the black and the brown vote. And lastly bear in mind, this is the era of Trump. This is not politics as usual. Know that the road ahead for the next nine months is going to be intense, filled with many unexpected twists and turns. Just keep your wits about you and remember there is only one watchword here: V-O-T-E!

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J. M.
J. M.

He yelled at Elizabeth during one of the debates. Now he’s call a young girl a lying pony soldier? WTF? He’s an arrogant curmudgeon, and there are other MUCH better candidates to chose from. He makes me nervous and he should make others nervous too.