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In this era of fake news where right-wingers insist on taking marching orders from Russian trolls, Jimmy Kimmel turned all of their gullibility and stupidity on their little ditto heads.  He recently launched a campaign that, as you will see, has been immensely successful.

During his opening monologue, he praised Trump for the new plan that Trump administers, which starts Nov 1 and ends Dec. 15:  the open enrollment period for Trumpcare. 

FINALLY, no more government control of healthcare. These are private insurance companies which deliver Trumpcare, and they now offer the following benefits:

  • It covers pre-existing conditions
  • It has no lifetime caps
  • Your kids can stay on it
  • It caps administrative fees for overhead
  • It is VERY affordable for people making under 50K a year

He even made a video with Donald Trump himself to support Trumpcare.

Please share this video on twitter and facebook with anyone you know who needs healthcare but has refused to do so because of they hate ACA/Obamacare.

As Jimmy correctly points out, there is no more Obamacare. It’s Trumpcare—and it’s wonderful:

If you think about it, no logical argument would ever have been enough to convince rightwing parents who have sick children to sign up at Healthcare.gov because they believe it somehow sticks it to a black man they will never meet.  These are Alex Jones’ people.  The fact that they are still Trump supporters after all he’s done to them means they are–by definition—easily deceived. 

As expected, Trump supporters bought this hook, line and sinker.  On his show, and keeping a game face, Kimmel shared the tremendous outpouring of gloating from Trump supporters who are pushing this thing to their fellow dupes:

There’s been a surge in signups, and there is now a record number of people who have signed up for ACA despite Trump trying to dismantle the program. 

The best part is that any conservative trying to debunk this will force an examination of the popular provisions of “Trumpcare” on this video, which they do NOT want to do.  That’s some pretty creative ju-jitsu on Jimmy’s part.  

It’s part of the benefit of having all the smart people on our side while the other side drowns in their own stupid.  Well played, Jimmy.  Well played. 

Sad we have to trick people to save their own kids, but luckily, it’s not hard to do.

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