Screencapture, Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube jimmy kimmel...
Screencapture, Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel has taken it upon himself to fight the good fight but not everybody sees his behavior as courageous. He has his revilers as well as his admirers, and signs attacking the talk show host have been appearing near Kimmel’s Hollywood home and studio.  Here’s a sample.

Hollywood Reporter:

It’s inevitable that late-night comedians who have become increasingly partisan in the President Trump era would earn the ire of conservatives, one of whom took his complaint to the streets early Thursday morning. His target: Jimmy Kimmel. […]

Sabo has been chastising liberal Hollywood for years with his street art. His website includes degrading images of Cher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and more.

“We allow Jimmy Kimmel into our homes because at one point we considered him to be entertaining,” said Sabo. “Now he’s nothing more than a talking head for the Democrat party.”

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