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He plays absolutely hilarious characters in almost every movie he makes. He’s a talented, rising artist/cartoonist, and his Christmas classic, “Grinch” is about to be watched by millions—again. Jim Carrey is not only gifted, but he also hates Donald  Trump and the Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. Carrey just nailed Cruz on Twitter. It all started with Carrey tweeting his 18 million followers one of his political cartoons of what appears to be U.ftS. Senate candidate Beto Rourke riding a wave over a drowning Ted Cruz.

Cruz makes a meager attempt to respond. He fails.


Carrey responds to Cruz with a merciless tweet.

In three hours, Carrey has garnered over 100,000 likes. One could say he put Cruz to bed and why? Crus is a weasel who’s been sucking up to the same man who smeared him like jelly on toast. To exemplify the Trump-Cruz relationship below is this video ad that’s almost as brutal as Carrey’s tweet.

We’ll end with a slice of the Ace Ventura:

On Election Day, we’ll be looking forward to saying “Welcome to the Senate, Beto O’Rourke and “Bye, Felicia” to that other guy. Although Texas is one of the Reddest states in the country, Democrats are gearing up to to flip it Blue.

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  1. If you vote straight Dem. ticket in Texas & check the summary page your vote has gone to Ted Cruz so you have to go back by hand & change it to Beto. If they can’t suppress your vote with laws, the Rat Bastards rig the machines to steal your vote anyway. Ted Cruz is a maggot.


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