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From BuzzFeed :

Influential evangelical leader and Donald Trump backer Jerry Falwell Jr. went into business with a young pool attendant he and his wife met while staying at a luxury hotel in Miami Beach, according to a lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County.

The suit, which has not been previously reported, was brought by a father and son who claim that after they helped conceive of the business, the pool attendant and Falwell wrongly cut them out of it. The suit says that while Falwell Jr. and his wife were guests at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach in 2012, they developed a “friendly relationship” with the pool attendant, Giancarlo Granda; flew Granda in a private jet; and eventually backed him in a business venture, setting up a hostel that offers low-cost dorm-style nightly accommodations to visitors. The pool attendant, according to public records databases, was 21 when he met the Falwells.

I know what you’re thinking. Shame on you! Can’t a religious zealot and his wife “befriend” a Miami pool boy, fly him around in a private jet, and them give him $800,000 to start a business without everyone’s mind going into the gutter?

Speaking of the gutter, Michael Cohen enters the story:

Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen, who is now facing a federal criminal investigation, helped arrange Falwell Jr.’s endorsement of Trump in January 2016, BuzzFeed News has learned.


According to a separate source with knowledge of Trump’s campaign, Cohen was so confident in Falwell Jr.’s support that he and Trump assured others, even before Trump announced his candidacy, that Falwell Jr. would issue an endorsement.

So, Jerry Jr , the Missus, and Giancarlo were all having innocent, pool-related fun when Michael “The Fixer” Cohen showed up and suggested that Falwell throw his support behind the Candidate Most Likely To Be The Anti-Christ and he was all over that like a fundgelical on, well, a buff Miami pool boy. I’m sure there’s nothing to see here. Move along.

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