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Jerry Brown and his Attorney General, Xavier Becerra are certainly not silent during the latest flashpoint in the war between Donald Trump and California. Brown is understandably angry about Jeff Sessions’ harassment suit against them individually and the State of California, filed yesterday in Sacramento, but he’s showing admirable restraint and leadership.

What’s happening, to distill it down to real basics, is that the political paradigm has inverted and traditional roles have flipped. The traditional Republican stance has been states rights, in order to assure the continuation of white supremacy, both before and after the Civil War. Now in order to assure deeper American principles of freedom and equality, states rights principles are being invoked, first and foremost by California. Brown has called Trump and Sessions liars, which they are, and he knows exactly why this political stunt is being pulled. RawStory:

“This is basically going to war against the state of California — the engine of the america economy. It’s not wise, it’s not right, and it will not stand.”

Brown went on to say that Sessions’ lawsuit is more designed to appeal to President Donald Trump’s base than accomplish any good — and he said that Sessions sounded “more like Fox News” than an actual attorney general.

“I do think this is pure red meat for the base,” Brown said. “I would assume, but this is pure speculation, that Jeff thinks Donald will be happy with him and I’m sure Donald will be tweeting his joy.

There are RWNJs that have spoken openly about, “the treasonous huckster from California, Jerry Brown…that guy should be hanging from a rope in the town square…”. That’s how bad this is. Brown’s assassination has been called for on RWNJ radio.

Evidently they can’t handle the fact that Jerry Brown, is a leader, unlike Trump and this state is working, unlike dysfunctional Trumptopia.

One thing’s for sure: when Brown says California is “a state that’s really working,” he’s right: according, once again, to The New York Times“California has accounted for about 20 percent of the nation’s economic growth since 2010, significantly more than its share of the population or overall output.” By some measures, its economy is larger than all but five countries.

Trump hates California because he didn’t make it in Hollywood beyond being considered a caricature and a joke. He did nothing for us during the wildfires and we were not surprised. We learned during the most recent drought that we might have to make it on our own without federal aid and we can. Additionally, California has always been in the vanguard of cultural change and progress. The world mimics and echoes themes that arise in California and that’s been the case for the past hundred years since the early beginnings of cinema. We are a remarkable state. California is fighting the good fight and we shall prevail. You listening, Donald? You’re going down sooner rather than later. We.Shall.Overcome.

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  1. You should hang with Jerry Brown. If the federal government decides your lives aren’t worth the cost of rope, I’ll splurge.

    • Isn’t that simply outrageous? I don’t know if you clicked the link to my article about that RWNJ radio show. I went ballistics that day. I seldom rant and rave in an article but I came unglued when I read that. These people are insane.

      • Yes, it is outrageous.Simply sickened and disgusted what people in our country has morphed into .Unrecognizable to good people such as you Ursulafaw and myself and hundreds of millions of our fellow Americans.Keep up your great work … but sadly some are way to gone to understand reality and only listen to”alternative facts “as Kelly Ann Conway famously once said, not to long ago , and coined that phrase.
        Thank you for all your hard work and your exceptional mind.

  2. “But it’s different. Law enforcement wants to only get the crooks that are real Americans..not illegal immigrants who are worse…because they were not American citizens before they became criminals. So between the two, they are a lower class of criminal. Americans care about that!”

    • Dana Rohrabacher, who is an Orange County congressman enthralled to Russia, if his name is new to you, said recently: “My constituents don’t care about Russia. They care about illegal immigrants coming to rape people.” You believe that?


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