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Is there no honor among Republican practitioners of the dark arts?

“[A]ccording to a person with knowledge of the talks,” reprehensible Swift-Boater, Birther, Friend of Roger Stone, and Friend of Alex Jones, “Doctor” Jerome Corsi, is trying to save his own neck, the Washington Post reports.

Conservative writer and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi is in plea negotiations with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, according to a person with knowledge of the talks.

The talks with Corsi — an associate of both President Trump and GOP operative Roger Stone — could bring Mueller’s team closer to determining whether Trump or his advisers were linked to WikiLeaks’ release of hacked Democratic emails in 2016, a key part of his long-running inquiry.

Corsi provided research on Democratic figures during the campaign to Stone, a longtime Trump adviser. For months, the special counsel has been scrutinizing Stone’s activities in an effort to determine whether he coordinated with WikiLeaks. Stone and WikiLeaks have repeatedly denied any such coordination.

Stone has said that Corsi also has a relationship with Trump, built on their shared interest in the falsehood that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

The 72-year-old Corsi is apparently not interested in hanging tough.  He recently said that he had spent 40 hours with members of Mueller’s team and that his brain felt like much when they were done with him.  He voiced fear of spending his remaining days in prison.  Womp-womp!

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