Fox News / YouTube Roy Moore responds to allegations of...
Fox News / YouTube

in a piece posted this morning and titled The appalling and entirely predictable GOP reaction to Roy Moore’s accusers.

It is worth the read.

I am not going to go through the entire piece.

I will limit myself to simply offering her final three paragraphs, which come after extensively documenting the response of the defenders of keeping Moore on the ballot and supporting him for the Senate.  Here they are:

If you are sickened by this — both the cowering from national Republicans and the repulsive defense of Moore coming from local Republicans — you must not be a GOP “tribalist,” the new brand of Republican who will justify any conduct, excuse any behavior, rationalize any rhetoric, adopt any conspiracy theory and deny any evidence to protect the “tribe.” It’s nothing short of moral nihilism, not to mention disqualifying from public service.

This has been a long time coming. Republicans put up with Trump calling Mexicans rapists, insulting a POW, making racist accusations against a federal judge, attacking Gold Star parents and boasting on tape about sexual abuse of women. They’ve chosen to ignore accounts from more than a dozen women who allege Trump engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior. Republicans  have condoned lying, bullying and willful ignorance by a man some of them don’t trust with the authority to launch nuclear war. So would they let a few allegations of sexual exploitation of children get in the way of a Senate seat? You’ve got their answer.

Let’s hope national and local Republicans reconsider their immoral and abhorrent behavior. Let’s pray they do some soul-searching about the purpose of public service and their responsibilities as human beings. If they don’t reverse course, they’ve given voters one more reason to get rid of the whole lot of them in 2018.


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