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In a video filmed by thegrio, actor/activist Jennifer Lewis shares her opinion and advice for people feeling helpless under Trump’s reign.

Besides being a cast member from the award-winning series “Blackish,” Lewis has been in countless moves and shows and is also a comedian. But there’s nothing funny about this 2-minute Brut Facebook clip.

Here is the video transcription:

If you don’t have hope because Donald Trump is President, find hope.You don’t get to sit down and wait four years until he’s gone because everything is ‘fucked up’. You fight. Make a difference, get a kid to mentor, do something to resist. You don’t get to hate him.

I don’t hate him. I feel sorry for him, because like I said, I know what mental illness is. (Lewis has spoken about her battle with Bipolar disorder. He won’t get help. Because on top of his mental illness, he’s a sociopath. They don’t have feelings. They just ch-ch-ch-ch… They don’t give fuck who’s in the way. Get the fuck out of the way. You saw the way he pushed that other [world] leader. Yeah, out of the way.

It’s madness that he represents the world. He’s not fucking up America. It’s the world. And they’re looking at us like we’re fucking insane. God bless he people who voted for him. That’s what this is—a democracy. They had to live with Obama. We gotta live with Trump.

We live with Trump and we will continue our work to remove him from the Oval Office. It will the people that stop him and more of the great American Resistance. It will take impeachment, but also his resignation, and the indictments of those who knew of his crimes and covered them up. It’s going to happen. And we the people can make that happen sooner than later—but only if we don’t give in, give up or become hopeless and complacent . We will win this and his ship go down hard.

Meanwhile, we march on.

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