Jeffrey Epstein’s bank of choice for funding sex trafficking…

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Note that anti-money-laundering experts inside Deutsche Bank in 2016 and 2017 flagged suspicious money flows involving entities “controlled by” Trump and Kushner.

2019: Dealings with Donald Trump

The US Congress issues subpoenas to Deutsche for documents related to the bank’s dealings with Donald Trump. The New York Times reports that senior Deutsche executives blocked employees from alerting the federal government about suspicious activity alerts linked to Trump and Jared Kusher in 2016 and 2017.

Deutsche was one of Trump’s biggest lenders, sticking by the real estate mogul when other US banks refused to lend after he went through a series of bankruptcies. Trump is thought to have borrowed at least $2bn from Deutsche with about $300m outstanding.

The bank’s entanglement with the Trump family dates back to the 1990s when Bankers Trust continued to lend to him when others had pulled out. In 2008 Trump claimed the financial crisis was an unforeseen event and refused to repay $330m to Deutsche, countersuing for $3bn compensation for Deutsche’s role in the crisis.

Trump and Deutsche’s commercial real estate division settled in 2010 but Deutsche’s private banking business continued to lend to Trump.…

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico
“The last refuge of the scoundrel ,is to wrap himself in the flag” . Written many years ago , describes Trump today . They knew scoundrels would migrate to politics. … And they warned us in advance. We should have been more circumspect. …Now , we must pay the price of “complacency “ allowing trash ( the word comes to my mind ) ..into the White House. …Trash , across the board . Family , cabinet, staff, President ,and the( “SWAMP “never had it so good ), lying illustrious VP —-all trash ——. …..It will take years to clean up… Read more »
Dick Panico
Dick Panico
…And of course , more links to scoundrels, and ( fellow travelers) Trump ,Epstein, Kushner , and the rest of Trump’s family. …No one believes that this is shear coincidence. It’s a deliberate scheme , to defraud the Government and the voters…He’s said he can do anything including ,shooting somebody on times square, and he’s proven it by doing just plain sight !! …A terrible disrespect for our nation and those who choose to vote for him . They didn’t know him then , but they know him now ??? …How do people respond when they find they’ve been… Read more »