Jeffrey Epstein Was Left On His Own In Contradiction Of All The Rules


Jeffrey Epstein was removed from suicide watch at the Manhattan jail where he was held without bail for reasons which are shrouded in secrecy at present. Suicide watch protocol mandates that inmate companions on five hour shifts accompany the inmate at all times and that the inmate be housed in a suicide proof room. These precautions were implemented after Epstein’s suicide attempt July 24 and then dropped after six days, for reasons which have yet to be explained. Daily Beast:


But on July 29—six days after the incident that led to his placement on suicide watch and seems in hindsight to have more likely been an actual attempt to take his own life rather than a stunt resulting only in minor bruises around the neck—Epstein was deemed to be “no longer at imminent risk for suicide.” Regulations mandated a final evaluation by the Program Coordinator.

The Program Coordinator is obligated to perform a face-to-face evaluation of the prisoner and issue a report, which details risk factors assessed and changes to risk factors plus facts proving up the resolution of the crisis and reasons for removal from the watch. Apparently Epstein was on suicide watch from July 25, the day after he attempted to take his own life, and terminated July 30. At this time, there is no explanation, satisfactory or otherwise, for such a move.

Epstein was returned from the suicide prevention room to the Special Housing Unit, where he had been found lying prone on the floor of his cell last month. The SHU doubles as a discipline unit and as a refuge for inmates who fear for their safety in the general population, as Epstein reportedly did.

One difference for Epstein upon his return was the absence of a cellmate such as Nicholas Tartaglione, a ex-cop turned accused quadruple murderer. Tartaglione claims to have saved Epstein during the earlier possible attempt.

And there were no more inmate companions keeping watch.

Epstein was with just Epstein in a cell whose architectural priority was more security than suicide prevention.

A man who had acted in the outside world as if the rules did not apply to him was now left without the protection of prison rules that had been promulgated over the years to prevent incidents such as the suicide of mobster Louis Turra in 1980. Turra embarrassed everybody by hanging himself at lunchtime in the MCC’s psychiatric unit.

Like Turra, there was an overwhelming amount of evidence against him. Epstein surely knew that he would be spending the rest of his life in prison, and that is what motivated his suicide attempt July 24. The key question here, is what persuaded the suicide watch program coordinator to discontinue the watch. This is where we get into speculation. Why was suicide watch terminated after only a few days? Why was Epstein left to himself? Most importantly, what is in the report which indicates that such a move was prudent? Epstein’s circumstances most certainly did not materially change after six days. In fact, Epstein killed himself the day after a report was released naming more prominent men in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.  Why it was decided on these facts that Epstein was no longer a suicide risk is an answer that we must have — and perhaps will when the dust settles. The FBI is investigating Epstein’s death and that is the most likely venue from which explanation will come.

In the meantime, conspiracy theory rages about Epstein’s death and is promulgated by none other than Donald Trump. If you didn’t see it, a vacationing Trump re-tweeted conspiracy theory about Bill Clinton being responsible for Epstein’s death, to which a Clinton spokesperson replied, “Ridiculous and of course not true — and Donald Trump knows it. Has he triggered the 25th Amendment yet?”

Spreading CT is Trump’s stock in trade. He did it with Obama and the birther lie, followed by the Muslims celebrating 9/11 lie, and my personal favorite, Trump’s line about Ted Cruz’ father being responsible for JFK’s death. No Donald, Elvis killed JFK and Ted Cruz’ father and Bigfoot killed Elvis. Put that in your phone and tweet it.

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

The key question here, is what persuaded the suicide watch program coordinator to discontinue the watch? CASH!


What did he use to hang himself? He was given his bedding back. It would take more than 6 minutes to tear the sheets into strips. As a quilter I know tearing fabric has a distinct sound. It will be interesting to know what he used.