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Because we all know that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is honest and forthright and would never tell a lie, particularly under oath, we must take him at his word when he says he can’t recall pretty much anything he ever might have said or done that might reflect poorly on said honesty and forthrightness:

Jeff Sessions has a memory problem – or at least that was the impression the 70-year-old attorney general seemed intent on leaving with the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he testified on Tuesday.

Sessions repeatedly told senators he did not recall, did not remember or had no recollection of the events they wanted answers about. As Sen. Kamala Harris pointedly noted, “Just on the first page of your three pages of written testimony, you wrote, ‘nor do I recall,’ ‘do not have recollection,’ ‘do not remember it.'”

[T]Here are the dozens of things Sessions says he couldn’t remember Tuesday.

Dozens. Twenty-five, by this count. Over a couple hours of testimony, where, granted, he was put in the harrowing position of having to answer sharp questions posed by a woman of color, poor snowflake. But that’s an awful lot of memory lapses, even under such extreme duress. And Sessions holds a job that is very important and powerful and can easily inflict extreme duress even upon a person who isn’t such a delicate snowflake. But Sessions clearly can’t handle such pressure. It’s all too much. He’s far too fragile, and his memory is far too faulty. And the high office he holds demands that the person who holds it be strong and have acute mental facilities, and not be a snowflake given to serial memory lapses, not to mention a susceptibility to the vapors.

This isn’t about Sessions’ honesty or integrity, because those clearly are beyond reproach. It’s about his memory and his stamina. He simply isn’t up to the job. For his own sense of security, and for the good of the nation, it’s clear that we need a new attorney general.

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