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According to Politico, Trump is floating the idea of having Judge Jeanine from Fox News replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Since Trump took office, he has favored trusted friends and other political allies for key administration jobs over seasoned policy experts.  People who know the president say he is drawn to those who reinforce his worldview and feed his ego, including biographer, Michael D’Antonio.

According to D’Antonio, “What he wants primarily is an audience. He really wants people who will wander into his office and pay attention while he spouts off.”

And Pirro certainly gives Trump an audience.   She regularly uses her TV platform on Fox News to argue against the president’s critics and to discredit his allies.  She has also described Jeff Sessions as the biggest threat to Trump’s agenda, calling him “the most dangerous man in America.”

Here is CNN’s take on the news.


In this report, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) offers her strong (and awesome) opinion about the potential appointment of Pirro.

Jackson: “I have no knowledge of the credentials of this candidate from Fox News, but I do know I have a trail of statements that make her patently unqualified for any position in the US Department of Justice.”

Will Jeanine Pirro be the next contestant on this horrible new game show called “The Trump Administration”?

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