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Next time Trump says anything about how he’s 20 points up in “real polls” and how he knows he’s got the support to win in 2020, you can laugh about the fact that not only is he lying, even he knows he’s lying. Trump’s most trusted “advisors” the Jarvanka combo have the White House shaking because everyone knows the truth. They are in trouble.

So what does Trump do when in trouble? He fires someone, of course, because it is clearly someone else’s issue. He isn’t changing.

His latest target according to Vanity Fair, is Pence. Now, of course we have heard speculation before about talk.

We have most certainly not heard that the two most powerful “advisors” were pushing this hard.

In this darkening political environment, Trump and his advisers are debating various Hail Mary strategies that might reset the campaign. One idea being pushed by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, which was first reported by Axios, would be to dump Vice President Mike Pence from the ticket and replace him with former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley.They threaten Mike every week that they’re going to take him off the ticket,” a Republican in touch with Pence’s camp told me. “They tell him, ‘You have to go here and say this, you have to go there and do that.’” (The White House, Pence, and Kushner declined to comment.)

My god these are horrible people. Oh, I know, we knew that.

First of all, there is a way to make Pence somewhat ready for the news, without being dicks about it. They can talk about how the Democrats will destroy the nation if Trump doesn’t win, and they have to do something, that it’s something that is their issue. But, nope, they let him know by “threatening” Pence, who certainly deserves it, but that doesn’t make it okay for these people to do it.

Moreover, WTF is the “they” thing about Jarvanka ordering Pence around??? Technically, Pence is the second highest on the food chain. He is the only other person “elected” to a position. So, it would seem staff, especially those two, would be somewhat respectful.

Ha, that’s funny, “respectful,” as if they give a shit about anyone but themselves. Second, if this truly is something that Trump needs, isn’t supposed to be Trump telling Pence what is needed?

*Bonus little fact. Steve Bannon has told reporters that when Ivanka would get too uppity in meetings and such, he would remind her that she is “just a staffer there.” She would yell out that “No she is not,” she would respond; “I am not a staffer, I am the first Daughter!” And that, my great friends here, is so telling, and just so much bullshit. Have any of us heard of a first daughter before? Sasha? Future president Malia? The Bush twins?

Of course not. Ivanka just invented a title that she thinks she deservers out of “respect.”

Now, onward

Anyway, I don’t wanna beat you down with another long quote, so I’ll summarize by saying the White House knows damn well that they’re getting crushed in the polls, and that women can’t stand Trump. He will piss off Evangelicals, but they figure Evangelicals have nowhere else to go, certainly not voting “Democrat.” So, they’ll infuriate Evangelicals and make the move toward appeasing women by nominating Nicki Hailey.

They are even considering announcing it the night of the Democrats’ big speech at the Democratic convention. Now THAT can mean only one thing. Trump is involved, because only Trump could come up with something like that. Always about him.

I keep wondering why the hell NIcki Hailey wouldn’t laugh her ass off and tell Trump to go to hell. She would be joining a ticket that most want to bail from. Furthermore, if she “wins” she still loses in that she’s the next victim who would have to put up with Trump’s misogynistic ass, be treated like shit, infinitely less respected than now.

Take one good thing away. Trump knows that he’s in a world of hurt.

But, keep in mind, if he’s looking at longshot ways to increase his own chances, there are far worse things he can do. Limitless things he can do.



Peace, y’all

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  1. I can’t believe he’d dump pence who’s done nothing but kiss his butt since he took office. When he said jump pence said how high. Remember that stupid ball game where he wasted taxpayer dollars so he could attend & walk out. Can’t imagine who came up with that stupid idea can you? Then the Scotland trip where Pence spent hours traveling in the car for the privilege of staying at trump’s dump at taxpayer expense. Who else can he find for the ticket that’s willing to be a sycophant & has no pride, self worth, or morals? Let’s see. Nunes? Cornyn? McConnell? The list grows by the day.


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