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Remember the Motari Nebula in Star Trek: Wrath of Khan?  It was an anomaly in the galaxy where where things didn’t work the way they work in normal space. Photon torpedos fizzled out at a fraction of the range and the com systems were an array of static. The Trump White House is the Motari Nebula of American politics because anybody or anything entering it is rendered diminished at best, nonfunctional at worst.

John Kelly is a chess piece in the Trump Nebula. Queen Ivanka and her husband, Rook Jared, are trying to topple Knight Kelly. And guess who they’ve just resurrected from the discarded pieces? Would you believe Pawn Anthony Scaramucci? Scaramucci, apparently suffering once again from delusions of adequacy, has thrown down the gauntlet to Kelly. Jennifer Jacobs reports for Bloomberg.

The honest, front stabbing dude is going on a media blitz decrying John Kelly’s wrong ways with an eye to getting him replaced.  RawStory:

Earlier on Thursday, Scaramucci ripped into Kelly during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo in which the former White House communications director blamed the chief of staff for allegedly covering up abuse allegations that forced former staff secretary Rob Porter to resign.

And on Wednesday, Scaramucci said that Kelly’s presence in the White House was killing staff morale, as he said that Kelly was too restrictive about access to the president.

Whose payroll do you think Scaramucci might be on? He’s always wanted to come back to the West Wing. Bizarre as this may seem, remember, we are now operating in the Trump Nebula and anything goes.

Now General Kelly has two trust fund babies and an unemployed hedge fund manager to worry about. How much you wanna bet Mooch told Jared he could get him the money?

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