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Charles Kushner, sire of Jared and once maker of exclusive wallet designs (in federal prison, alas) met with reporters from The Real Deal, a real estate publication and things got off to a rocky start. TheRealDeal:

“Are you guys going to be assholes today, or are you going to give us a fair shake? Because you’ve been assholes in the past,” he tells these two reporters.

“Do you want me to throw you out of here now? Because I will,” Charlie adds. “Then you can write whatever the fuck you want about me.”

From this indecorous start, the interview somehow continued and Kushner’s spin on how his daughter Nicole wasn’t really selling access to the presidency or EB-5 visas in China is worthy of Sean Hannity at his best.

Because it was so crazy unjustified ‘cause we did nothing different than anybody else did except the press picked it apart to say, “They’re showing a picture of President Trump in the background.” But nobody knows –because you guys don’t report it – that every application shows a picture of the president in the background. So if President Obama was president, it would have his picture. If it was the next applicant, it would be there for the next applicant. We didn’t set up the presentation, it was done by the local Chinese group so the fact that it was jumped upon with an innocent comment [by Nicole] of “my brother left to go to the administration” is beyond a feeding frenzy…there is no bad intent in that statement or in our presentation. But yet, I hate to say you guys, because it’s you guys and the media, jumped on it to say, “Oh my God, this is so ill-intended.”

Kushner really doesn’t like watchdog groups, and of course he sees Jarvanka as having sacrificed nobly to serve in the Trump administration.

Charlie Kushner All they want to do is assure that poor, not successful people go into government. That’s all they want to do. Because if you’re successful, you shouldn’t be penalized by stupid ethics watchdogs raising things that are potential. You know when there’s a conflict. It’s not a conflict when you meet with Jamie Dimon, and they’re giving a loan to a company that’s been in business for 40 years, 50 years, whatever it may be.

You see it as an attack on wealth? That sounds like the way you’re describing it.

Charlie Kushner They discourage rich, smart, successful people from going into government. Because a lot of rich, smart, successful people say, “Why the hell am I doing this?” I look at what my kids have sacrificed to go into government, with the only intent of doing good for this country and for the world, and to help people. And what they have sacrificed, and the daily barrage of negative media, and the attacks they get, and they had a perfect, beautiful life and they still have a very good life, but they sacrificed a lot.

Kushner says he would register as an independent if he had to do it today, and he also says in the same paragraph that he’s a Democrat who believes in Donald Trump(?!)

The thing that I put into this administration is my son. That’s what, that’s my… I don’t share a lot of the Republican beliefs and values on a lot of issues. That being said, I don’t share a lot of the Democratic beliefs and values as I used to, much more firmly. The Democratic Party that I supported for all the years is not the same Democratic Party of today on a lot of issues that are very near and dear to my heart. I’m still a Democrat. But I shouldn’t say that. If I had to register today, I’d probably register myself as an independent, because I’m probably not in either political camp, truthfully, on a lot of the issues. It’s very controversial to say, I do believe in President Trump. I think he’s done a good job, I think he’s a great leader, and I think it’s very sad that our society…that it’s created — in a way, I think it’s almost healthy — but it’s sad that it’s created this terrible animosity and the inability to tolerate other people who don’t agree with your viewpoint. It’s just horrible, in my opinion.


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  1. I don’t really care what he thinks. 2nd chances are for kids from broken homes who end up in the clinker.
    Not an educated but greedy rich guy willing to skirt the law to promote a scheme. The fact he adores Trump should be a red flag right there, but not surprising.

    • He says he supports Trump but he also claims he’s a Democrat, and would register as an independent if he had to register today. That entire paragraph is sheer gibberish.

  2. “If you’re successful you shouldn’t be penalized by stupid ethics watchdogs”. Does that mean if you’re rich enough the rules don’t apply to you? Didn’t work for the Daddy, he went to prison. Like Father, like son. I would expect trump to throw kushner under the bus to save himself & his daughter.


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