Shadow secretary of state and self-anointed Democratic liaison Jared Kushner, apparently wants to add to the list of things that he’s tasked with and cannot accomplish, or Big Daddy is really punishing him this time, because Kushner is now being considered as John Kelly’s replacement for chief of staff. Huffington Post:

Trump told reporters Thursday that he is down to five finalists. “We are interviewing people now for chief of staff,” he said at a photo opportunity with newly elected governors who were visiting the White House. […]

Kushner has been pushing his own candidacy with Trump, citing his work on a criminal justice reform package and a claimed ability to work with Democrats, one person said. “I don’t know why he thinks that, when the Democrats are mainly going to be coming after Trump,” the source said.

Actually, this is a somewhat refreshing development, because it’s arguably the most transparent maneuver ever to come out of this administration. Jarvanka is dying to run the show, and this will make it official. Of course, there’s always that pesky matter of accountability, and if Kushner is put in charge of discipline and order in the West Wing, why then he’d better produce that, and if he can’t there will be no one to back stab or leak stories about to the press. The buck will stop with him. Here’s HuffPo’s contextualization of this news story, which two years ago would have had people howling with laughter, but this is straight journalism in the Age of Trump.

One source said Ayers, the father of young triplets, wanted to take the job on a short-term basis to see whether he could manage it, but then grew less interested the more time he spent with Trump.

The president ― who came into office after starring in a reality television show and running a closely held family business using wealth largely inherited from his father ― is known for temper tantrums and making demands that are illegal or impossible to carry out.

This competition is a real nail biter, now down to five finalists, in true beauty pageant style. An image comes to mind of Trump reading off the contestants in reverse order, fifth runner up Dina Powell, fourth runner up Steve Mnuchin, third runner up David Bossie, and here’s an image for you, Kushner and Newt Gingrich, holding hands and blinking back tears, as the name of the winner is called and John Kelly steps forward with an armful of roses to crown his successor.

Try not to smear your mascara, boys.

Did Iron, Goddess of Irony, just say f*ck it and run away, or is she locked up somewhere in five point restraint?

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