Jared and Ivanka’s Buckingham Palace photo gets hilarious meme treatment it deserves

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The entire Trump clan decided to take a vacation on the American taxpayers’ dime this week, even though there was really no state reason for the Trumps and Kushners to all wear expensive suits and couture outfits around the United Kingdom. The obvious madness of wannabe-king Trump and kin in the U.K. is twisted enough to make one call in a prescription for “everything you got” to the local pharmacy. The Brits themselves have hit the streets to protest en masse this embarrassment of a “state visit.” One of the first images to come out of this visit showed Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner staring out from behind a closed window at Buckingham Palace. You can see that chilling image at the top of this diary. As the picture circulated across the interwebs, the world began giving appropriate reactions.

That sounds about right.

No. No we do not want this horror show. But film director and actor Jordan Peele didn’t rule it out.


It’s not just horror films.

But this image does not simply conjure up the cinema. It brings literature to mind as well.

It honestly took me longer than it should have to find the image.


It’s a good thing that’s only a joke … right?

And you know they spend about the same time looking into mirrors.

And finally, because in the end, none of this is that funny when you consider that the real conversation they are having whether they want to admit it or not is:

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Spectacular Bid
Spectacular Bid

Now that is a haunted house I would NEVER want to visit! Those two are always lurking in the background like ghouls. Now I’ll have nightmares of their pale, expressionless faces for a month!


Jared=Fredo in the Trump crime family.