CNN’s Jake Tapper did his journalistic job demolishing Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves for his COVID failure.

Jake Tapper demolishes Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves

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Bumbling Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves did not help his case as CNN’s Jake Tapper drilled him. The Governor likely did not expect Tapper to push this hard.

Jake Tapper asked the Governor the fundamental question. Mississippi has strict mandates for various vaccines. Why is the COVID vaccine any different? Reeves did not have a valid answer other than one that sounded political.

“The reality is this is an attack by the President on hard-working Americans and hard-working Mississippians,” Reeves said. “He wants them to choose between getting a jab in the arms and their ability to feed their family.”

Jake Tapper pointed out to the Governor that President Biden uses a law that gives him the authority to protect the workplace. And the deaths of over 600K Americans make the use of the law apropos.

The Governor continued to fumble. He tried to make it that if the states consented, it would give the president unlimited power. That was a rather foolish statement, of course.

Tapper continued to ask the Governor what he would change to mitigate Mississippi’s highest deaths per capita. After the bumbling Governor continued a fermenting word salad, Tapper could take it no more.

“With all due respect, Governor,” Jake Tapper said. “Your way has failed. Are you going to change anything to change this statistic from what you were doing already?”

The Governor made the silly statement that Mississippi has a part-time legislature and that the country would be in a better position if Congress operated in that manner.

An exasperated Tapper interjected.

“Better position than what?” Tapper asked angrily. “You are the second-worst in the world. How can you say that?”

Near the end, Tapper let the Governor have it. He implied the Governor intended to spin.

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