Jacob Wohl may have rooked an innocent woman into his scheme to frame Mueller

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By now, you know that rabidly pro-Trump troll Jacob Wohl literally talked himself into a ban from Twitter when he boldly declared he planned to create an army of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts before the 2020 election.

But believe it or not, that’s only the second most douchey thing we learned in his interview with USA Today. How do you get worse than announcing you’re going to create a bot farm? Quite easily, as it turns out. By trying to trick someone into being part of a scheme to frame someone for sexual assault.

You may recall that back in October, Wohl set up a bogus intelligence firm that was supposedly “investigating” claims that Mueller sexually assaulted several women. However, when he and his crony, Jack Burkman, convened a press conference at which one of the supposed accusers was due to take questions, the accuser never showed up. Watch the opera buffa here.

By then, we had learned that Wohl’s company was a complete hoax. All it got Wohl was an FBI investigation—in which he was (is?) the target.

But it turns out that Wohl may be in even more hot water. Carolyne Cass, the supposed “accuser” who was due to show up in October, now says Wohl tricked her.

But when reached by USA TODAY, 34-year-old Carolyne Cass of Los Angeles said Wohl, whom she met on Craigslist, had tricked her by pretending to be an investigator named Matthew Cohen who was trained by Israeli intelligence forces and agreed to help her with “unscrupulous characters ripping me off.”

Cass said she paid the man she knew as Cohen $2,000, for which he did no work but instead offered her the prospect of employment at his intelligence agency and had her speak on the phone to people whose identities she now believes Wohl fabricated.

Remember that signed statement Wohl trumpeted in which Cass claimed Mueller assaulted her? Well, Cass says that the whole thing was a hoax, and that Wohl and his cronies “docu-signed” her name to it. It was only after everything exploded in Wohl’s face that Cass learned “Cohen” was really Jacob Wohl.

If there is anything at all to this—and given Wohl’s past history as a con man, there probably is—Wohl may have more fundamental concerns than how he’s going to try and hack the election for Trump. At the very least, Cass could potentially sue him into poverty.

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