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I haven’t written a diary in probably 4 or 5 years.  I had health issues and was seeking care for dental problems related to those issues.  I have thankfully found an amazing dentist who helps me.   Yay! No more pain!  Here is my crazy story since then….

Since 2016 I have had minimal contact with my family. My parents are in their mid 70’s (Boomers) and have so far kept their politics to themselves through most of my life. I think they were democrats when I started voting in 1988, but not sure when they deviated.  I don’t come from a family that really talks about things, unfortunately.   

They no longer believe in vaccines, and these are people that I remember lining up in 1976 for the Swine Flu vaccine. 

They only watch Newsmax, OAN or Fox.  We live 3000 miles apart and any conversations have been essentially unhinged rantings of what they’ve seen on “their” news channels.   “My” news channels (CNN, MSNBC, NPR) they say everyone is lying about COVID and that Trump was such an awesome President and no one gave him any credit for the amazing things he did! (I know! I know!)  

I am in the effing Twilight Zone here.  I can’t reason with them.  

No matter what I send them that refutes what they believe, they double down.  They start calling me a liar! They accuse me of calling them liars when I confront them on their claims.  This is not Normal!  They have been indoctrinated and I am at my wits end to know how to reach them.   They used to listen to reason. They used to at least hear both sides of an argument. Now, they have tunnel vision.  

My sister and her BF are also hardcore Trumpers and feed my parents delusions.   I sent my sister an impassioned text yesterday to try and get my parents to get the vaccine.  Her response was just a Trump GIF (dancing with that ridiculous long red tie!) that was…disturbing.  They are all gone! What can I do?  I am 51, with no kids, I have an amazing boyfriend, but I was hoping to have a good relationship with my ageing parents.   I just need some advice.  What do I do?  Thank you! 

Thursday, Jul 22, 2021 · 5:22:05 PM +00:00 · ArtemisBSG

Hi All!  Thanks for welcoming me back and the kind words.  Thank you all for the amazing advice!  So many great comments I can’t possibly reply to all of them right now.  I went to bed feeling hopeless and now I feel there is some hope (at least for my sanity).  Such a world we live in now. 

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  1. I feel your Pain.. Same here except for its my Children…Their ALL tRUMPERS. I’m in my 60s and could never vote for him. Its all this Facebook crap they read. They take it as gospel. I have NO Facebook and Never will!!
    I really was not political till he won and i started paying attention the the crap he was pulling. I actually liked him on the Apprentice. Now I know he’s just a FAKE and has really screwed AMERICA up for quite a while.
    Its gona take time but we will get thru this!!!
    We just need to VOTE all the Footdraggers OUT!!!


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