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As the Russian investigation creeps forward and gets ever closer to the Oval Office, Ivanka Trump has decided it is time to lawyer up. From the National Law Journal:

Along with her husband, Jared Kushner, the president’s daughter has retained criminal defense lawyer Abbe Lowell, who is head of the white-collar group at Norton Rose Fulbright in Washington, D.C., to counsel her through the probe into Russian interference

Abbe Lowell is considered a top-notch D.C. attorney. Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell discussed his experience with high-profile political cases during Monday night’s edition of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Here is a partial transcript of that discussion:

But no one in trump world is taking the special prosecutor more seriously than the president’s son-in-law and completely experienced campaign adviser and now completely inexperienced White House adviser, Jared Kushner. We know Jared Kushner is taking it more seriously than the president because Jared Kushner has better lawyers than the president. Jared Kushner has Washington lawyer Abbe Lowell defending him. No one in the Trump/Russia investigation has a better lawyer than Jared Kushner does.

Abbe Lowell has defended senators and presidential candidates like John Edwards, powerful congressional committee chairmen like Dan Rostenkowski and at least one Speaker of the House. And Abbe Lowell served as counsel to the Democrats on the house judiciary committee when the committee considered and voted on articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton. Alone among the defense lawyers in the Trump/Russia investigation, abbe Lowell has experience defending a president in an impeachment proceeding. But he’s not defending Donald Trump now. He’s defending Donald Trump’s son-in-law, who met with the staff of the senate intelligence committee today to discuss his meetings with Russian government officials and associates of the Russian government during the presidential campaign and during the transition.

Ivanka Trump is being pulled into the Russia probe after it was revealed Jared Kushner suddenly remembered more than 100 different contacts with foreign representatives before joining Donald Trump in the White House. Last week House Democrats asked the FBI to review Ivanka’s security forms, to see if she ‘engaged in similar deception.’

Stay tuned.

The White House is now pushing back with a curious update.

Ivanka Trump will has not retained husband Jared Kushner‘s lawyer to advise her in the ongoing Russia investigation, and has a “confidential relationship” with the attorney.

Lowell isn’t her attorney, but they have a “confidential relationship”? What does that even mean? Is that like double-secret probation?

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