The Munich Security Conference was not kind to Mike Pence, who was given the silent treatment when he brought “greetings from Donald Trump” over the weekend and not even one person clapped — not even a “polite golf clap” as reporter Johnathan Allen put it. If you missed that embarrassment, here’s the clip.

Then, conversely, Angela Merkel took both Trump and his trade representative to task for the idiotic trade war Trump unnecessarily created, and the room exploded in applause. [bottom clip]

“Apparently, the American secretary of trade says German cars are a threat to America’s national security. We’re proud of our automotive industry, and, I think we can be, we’re proud of our cars. They are built in the United States of America. South Carolina is one of the largest, it’s actually the largest BMW plant. Not in Bavaria. South Carolina is supplying China.”

“So when these cars that, because they’re built in South Carolina, are not becoming less threatening, rather than the ones that are built in Bavaria, are supposed to be a threat to the national security of America, it’s a bit of a shock to us.”

The rest of the room broke into thunderous applause at Merkel’s words, with the one notable exception being First Daughter Ivanka Trump, who copied Mike Pence’s deer-in-the-headlights frozen face of a few days earlier perfectly, and sat motionless.

Merkel is spot on about the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is the largest BMW plant in the world and creates 10,000 jobs for American workers. For all of Trump’s blathering about the need to impose tariffs on German cars, this BMW plant built 237,000 cars for an export value of $8.76Bil in 2017, down from $9.53Bil in 2016.

But then Trump doesn’t understand tariffs anymore than he understands NATO and our European allies have had quite enough of this nonsense, if the Munich conference is any indication.

The only wall Trump is building is an edifice of avarice and stupidity, between us and the rest of the world. The Munich conference contributed a couple of good sized bricks.

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  1. He’s the president, no he’s my daddy, no wait, he’s my daddy the president,
    wait a minute, who is he? who am I? who IS my daddy???
    I’m not an airhead, I’m a motherless whore.

  2. Thank you Chancellor Merkle for telling the truth in a very professional way-We used to be proud of our leaders but NO MORE…all Americans apologize to your country…why is Ivanka even there she is almost as much of an embarrassment as Pence….these people are sickening as they continue to stumble about the World stage planning to start a war….

  3. Just another example of the Trump crime family enriching themselves at the public trough – why the fk is Ivanka in Germany on our dollar? Another shopping trip? A vacation? You can see how much she added to the conference. Or was she just taking names to report back to daddy? When does this end????


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