Ivanka Goes To Africa To Empower Women In Business, While Skeptics Weigh In On Her and Trump Family Kleptocracy

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The Trumps aren’t fooling anybody. ivanka is in the headlines today, because she’s sojourning in Africa, ostensibly for the purpose of a White House project “intended to boost 50 million women in developing countries by 2025.” Washington Post:

This is Ivanka Trump’s first visit to Africa since the president launched the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. It’s a program she hopes will outlast an administration better known for “America First” isolationism.

She has drawn praise for taking on this project and for making the trip. But thousands of miles from Washington, she is sure to be shadowed by her father’s efforts to cut international aid, as well as his past disparaging comments about Africa. […]

Ethiopian journalist Sisay Woubshet was more skeptical, citing Donald Trump’s past comments. “I don’t think people will have a good feeling about his daughter’s visit this time around to promote her global initiative towards women.”

Fairly or unfairly, Ivanka Trump has a reputation for doing the same kind of photo ops that her father does, and making little or no actual difference in jobs, infrastructure, and other areas where she is ludicrously expected to have some expertise. So, Ivanka is getting a bit of flack.

Here we go again, the Trump’s are called out for being family first and America last. That is the long and the short of it.

Ivanka complains that she’ll be criticized in the press “no matter what I do.” Not necessarily. Instead of touting the big, far reaching policies that are only sound bite material and nothing more, actually put together some concrete victories, why don’t you? People will always look at real facts and figures and concede when someone has achieved something. Democrats are of that mind set. If Ivanka could actually show any policy that she has implemented that is bearing any fruit, other than calling corporate giants IBM and WalMart and getting them to agree to job “re-skilling” programs for the already employed, she would have a leg to stand on as a creator of opportunities. Until then, she’s like the boy who cried wolf. We’re so tired of hearing about the great things that she’s accomplishing, she and her boy-wonder husband both, that if she ever did manage to hit on a winning policy, people might not notice the success, through all the background noise of hyperbole and fantasy solutions to real world problems. But then again, if Ivanka is who she says she is, a dynamic, successful businesswoman with a social conscience and a commitment to women’s rights? She’ll find a way to make it happen.

Don’t hold your breath. Like her father before her, she talks a good game and depends upon inherited money to do anything in the world. Ivanka blames the media, whom she has characterized as “vicious” for any critique of her, because for some reason, apparently she thought she could go to work for her father, in the fishbowl of the White House, and be exempt from scrutiny. That’s preposterous. No First Family has ever been exempt from scrutiny. One of the funniest photos I ever saw, was a reverse angle shot of photographers shooting footage of Chelsea Clinton’s cat. The reverse angle hilariously showed about 60 photographers, jamming their cameras forward at this one small, black and white cat. The cat is to be commended for totally not freaking out and running for the hills, with all the scuffle and flashbulbs.

Point being, that everyone else in the world seems to understand fully what is entailed in living or working in the White House, cats included, but not Poor Ivanka. She merely wants to be admired and praised, whether she does anything or not. John Kelly was right, Ivanka “plays at government.” Until Ivanka does something of substance, beyond a photo op, Kelly’s words are the impression that will last with people.


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Real Patriot
Real Patriot

Ivanka is there to open a Trump business. Wait for it…


Ivanka is as crooked and corrupt as her father. She is only there to deflect of what is going on in DC. Everything will be coming out in due time of how corrupt this family is. It is only too bad it is taking so long to put them all behind bars.