Ivanka Trump is tone deaf and clueless, but in all fairness, she comes by it honestly. Today Ivanka is terribly upset that she was removed from the virtual graduation ceremony at Wichita State University. Her participation was requested in February but announced only a few days ago and in light of the George Floyd protests rocking the nation, WSU chose not to have the controversy of a Trump on the graduation panel and they uninvited Ivanka. (She could ask Mitt Romney how that goes, if she’s not sure.)

So Ivanka is miffed. She went so far as to send her recorded remarks out on You Tube because like Daddy before her, she’s going to share her vapid nothingness with the world, whether anybody wants to hear it or not. Trumps don’t take rejection well, apparently. That’s too bad, because they’re going to see a lot of it come the Fall. Here, without further ado is Graduation Barbie.

Now this next clip is classic. This is Ivanka calling a man stupid because he thinks that money brings happiness. What makes this classic is that it showcases Ivanka’s complete cluelessness about what an insulated bubble she was born and bred in and what a completely unreal life of immense privilege she leads. Marie Antoinette had more sense than Ivanka, I truly believe.

Ivanka wants graduates to know that she feels their pain. She can reassure them from her own dynamic life struggles and challenges. The Guardian:

Seeking to reassure students now facing mass unemployment triggered by widespread shutdowns to curb the virus, the daughter of a New York real estate billionaire opined: “In my own life, I have found that my greatest personal growth has arisen from times of discomfort and uncertainty.”

The announcement of her speech drew immediate criticism, led by Jennifer Ray, an associate professor of photo media at Wichita State, who sent a letter asking school administrators to cancel it. It circulated on social media and garnered 488 signatures from faculty, students and alumni before the speech was canceled, the Wichita Eagle reported.

But others said the event should not have been canceled. Republican congressman Ron Estes said in a statement he was “disappointed” and added: “As Kansas faces many challenges recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic to get back to our booming economy, now is the time for us to be working together.”

The woman is beyond oblivious. She sincerely believes that she has something to contribute to the national discourse. Please, God, let November 3 be the day that the big hook comes out and sweeps these charlatans and buffoons off the world stage. They don’t even know they’re embarrassing. That’s the biggest embarrassment of all.

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  1. Gotta love Malibu Stacey (insert The Simpsons reference). She’s always willing to say something stupid without thinking and not be relevant in the world. Just ask Angela Merkel.

  2. Well, the faculty and students got together and stated they didn’t want no hoe talking at their graduation.

  3. Her greatest personal growth comes out of her times of discomfort & uncertainty. The only uncertainty she’s ever had is which designer bag to purchase & when in doubt she had $4,000 to buy them both. The only discomfort she’s ever had is having to watch her own kids for a few minutes while her personal shopper went out for more diapers. But of course she’s just like her Daddy. People don’t like her or her viewpoints but she’s the biggest victim on the planet. What’s she going to do with the rest of her life when trump company is shut down & they are arrested for tax fraud? Oh yeah, money tucked away in off shore accounts & Uncle Vladimir, the source of their funding since the 1980’s. She’ll manage & raise another generation of vapid privileged clueless children just like her.


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