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Ivanka thinks she’s special; a judge thought otherwise.

She’ll have to be deposed, despite her White House ties.

It’s seems some of her shoes, the ones she makes abroad—

In China, where it’s cheaper—sure look like they’re a fraud:

A knockoff, carbon copy, imitation, counterfeit

Of shoes from Italy. They’re pretty close, you must admit.

Aquazurra has a case. Just place them side by side,

Ivanka Trump Red Shoe Law Suit


Their “Wild Things” and her “Hettie”: I’ll let you decide.

Same tassle at the ankle, same pompom at the toe,

Same shade of red, same shape of heel. Hers cost a lot less dough.

It’s her business model; she does it for the masses,

So that they can dress themselves just like the upper classes.

The thing about it is that it’s against the law.

Such a thought, Ivanka, never stopped your dear papa.

But your case is different; the law you can’t elude,

And for design infringement you surely can be sued.

These shoes aren’t made for mocking, though that’s what you like to do,

And in court this plaintiff might just walk all over you.


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