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Over the past several months the Trump family has consistently behaved as if COVID-19 has them all on retainer. They’ve exercised and popularized worst practices for mitigating the virus — attending superspreader rallies in COVID hot spots and unmasking at the debates, etc. — and have seemingly done so without a thought for their fellow Americans.

Because, you know, they have special genes — that make them uncommonly stupid and awful.

Well, it turns out there are consequences for being hateful disease vectors — because even if your kids can work and play well with others, they’ll still be punished if you can’t.

Seems that Little Lord Fauntleroy and Princess Dye-job have pulled their children from their “posh Washington private school” after administrators called them out for their refusal to follow basic COVID-19 guidelines.


Kushner and Trump “repeatedly violated a number of the guidelines” outlined in the school’s parent handbook for Covid-19 precautionary rules, according to the source.

“There was no secret about their behaviors, because everyone could see them,” the parent said, referencing the televised nature of Trump’s and Kushner’s jobs, as well as news reports of positive Covid-19 cases in their workplace, the White House.
In the wake of the complaints and requests to change their behavior — to do things like wear face masks, social-distance and self-quarantine if exposed to someone with the virus — Kushner and Trump withdrew their children, the source said.
Imagine being so self-centered and boorish that you’d rather upend your children’s education and social life than wear a slightly uncomfortable piece of cloth over your face every once in a while. That’s a level of awful that I simply can’t comprehend. Or maybe they just hate “virtue signaling” more than they hate rampant pestilence and premature death.
Who knows?
“What (Kushner and Trump) did was just not OK,” said the source, who noted that several fellow parents also complained to the school about Kushner and Trump’s flagrant lack of adherence to the handbook.
However, two sources told CNN it was the school that ultimately decided to confront Kushner and Trump about the violations, and it did so independently of the parent complaints. CNN reached out to a spokesperson from the school, who declined to comment on the matter.

Seems fair that other parents wouldn’t want to be exposed to the first daughter’s freedom phlegm. But, of course, you already knew the White House would play the victim. In a statement, White House spokesperson Carolina Hurley said, “Unnamed sources attacking a family’s decision about what is best for their kids in the middle of a pandemic is shameful.”

More shameful than infecting other people’s kids with COVID? Sure, let’s go with that.


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  1. Uuh, ma GAAAWD! SLUM WITH REAL KIDS? SAY it isn’t so! It’ just the first to sink in, perhaps, but there’s a whole lot ahead for these arrogant poo heads.

  2. They’re going to have to find another school anyway in two months! Get a head start! Pack and leave Washington DC now.


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