Ivana Trump’s Ex-Husband Calls Junior, Eric and Ivanka ‘Garbage’

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Here’s one step father who was not impressed with his wife’s kids from another marriage. Rossano Rubicondi was married to Donald Trump’s first wife and mother of his three elder children, Ivana, from 2008 to 2009 — then the couple started dating after the divorce. Apparently there was no love lost with Ivana’s kids, because Rubicondi says they didn’t like him and he most emphatically has nothing good to say about them, and that’s putting it mildly. Page Six:

It sounds as if there was some quibbling with the kids over cash because — without elaborating on any specific incident involving money — he defensively told us: “No one touched a dollar or dime from their family . . . I don’t know [if that’s why they didn’t like me], but these people are all about money. They don’t have a heart. They are garbage.”

He added, “Don Jr. is an idiot. He’s a jerk,” and instructed us, “Put it down: ‘You are a jerk.’ Put it in capital letters!”

He added: “They are nobody . . . They are disgusting. We are talking about kids who are so stupid, except Ivanka.”

Rubicondi raged on, “They are a piece of scum. Before they say anything about me, I will wash their mouth out with soap! They are disgrace for human being.”

Intelligence is relative, like all things. Ivanka probably has come to regard herself as an intellectual light, able to hold her own with the luminaries of the world stage, because she grew up with her moron brothers. Granted, her bulb may have a bit more wattage, but overall, she’s pretty dim as well.

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Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Ivanka makes an effort to speak with charm .
But most folks know “fake charm “when they see, and hear it , and the bad body English that goes with it . Her body charm ( or lack there of )
give her away every time , as does her husband Jerod’ s phony charm and squeaky voice . It’s all
for show , because Donald showed them how to fake life. It’s all they know !!!!