It’s Official. Trump Forsakes Fox News, Urges Followers To Go Elsewhere

Curt Johnson / Flickr Can Fox News survive Donald Trump...
Curt Johnson / Flickr

The love affair between Donald Trump and Fox News has sailed through some choppy water in recent months and this morning, it hit the rocks — although just why, is not clear. Democratic National Committee communications director Xochitl Hinojosa appeared on Fox, and it was a run of the mill, benign appearance. She was asked who the Democratic candidate would be, she said she didn’t know, but that any one of them “would be a better president than Donald Trump.” This is a new observation?

She also stated that, “If you’re looking at recent polling, most of the top polling candidates in a head to head would beat Donald Trump, and especially in those battleground states.” Nothing to see here, folks, business as usual in the run up to the primaries. But not for Donald Trump. He went bat-guano bonkers over this interview, and broke up with Fox, right there on Twitter, in front of Gawd and everybody.

“Spewing out whatever she wanted, with zero push back by anchor.” Apparently that translates as “Fox anchors are supposed to crush anybody who says that I am less than perfect and going to win in 2020” — or something.

Here’s a link, if you want to listen to the interview. Standard operating procedure stuff, the word pedestrian comes to mind, but it hit Trump where he lives. Man, if he’s this rice paper-thin skinned now, the next fourteen months are going to be something. Trump without Fox News should be interesting, sort of like a Happy Meal without fries. Wonder if anybody’s told Sean Hannity?

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3 Comments on "It’s Official. Trump Forsakes Fox News, Urges Followers To Go Elsewhere"

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There is no other TV network that is going to take him and be state news like Fox was willing to do. This is going to anger the Murdochs, time for the rulers above Trump to act.


Dunno, Putin prolly doesn’t care either way… I worry that Murdoch and Putin will join forces and the American mouth breathers become soviet managed suicide bombers…

David Bishop
David Bishop

Maybe his buddy Howard Stern will again let Trump use him.