It’s Official. Open Hearings On Impeachment Begin Next Wednesday.

MSNBC / YouTube Rep Jim Jordan Accused Of Turning...
MSNBC / YouTube

The Democrats are striking while the iron is hot. They just announced that the first open hearing of the Trump impeachment inquiry will take place next Wednesday.

This is gonna be some fun, you bet. GOP House member Jim “He groped me coach!” Jordan just held court for reporters, and like the Visa commercials, it was priceless. Jordan, who has accused the Democrats of cherry picking favorable tidbits from the closed door depositions to leak to the press to tar Trump, just spent his time cherry picking the most arcane and nonsensical snippets to try to muddy the water. Adam Schiff is going to have no end of joy trying to keep this particular howler monkey under control. Thank God that the state attorneys are going to do the major part of the questioning, although if Jordan replaces Devin “Midnight Run” Nunes, as the ranking minority member, he will get questioning time up front equal to that of Chairman Adam Schiff.

For those of you who were unable to catch his performance, i have included a video copy of it below.


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Gym Jordan is a menace to society, he’s all bark and no bite, smoke and mirrors, howler monkey and organ grinder, they only picked him because he’s loud and very obnoxious, when he questions someone he does it so as to confuse that person. How did he escape that scandal in his coaching job???

chris whitley
chris whitley

Does that mean we have to put up with white trash jordan.