Dems will make a fatal error for the upcoming mid-terms if they make it a case against the Supreme Court.  The SCOTUS is not running in the election, Republicans are.  And Republicans are the ones who gave us this Court.  Dems will also make a mistake running just on Roe.  It’s bigger than that — Thomas has already signaled how far they will be going — and Roe is just a symptom of the Republican disease.  It’s about rights and freedoms.  The Dems need to make the case that Republicans will take your rights and freedoms — don’t let the Republicans own the notion of “freedom,” use it against them — there are plenty of examples.

The Dems need to scare the crap out of people that the Republicans will take away their privacy, that they want to control your lives and your bodies.  They want to take away your Medicare, Obamacare, and Social Security.

The Dems also need to act and speak as though this is an emergency — because IT IS.  No more reasoned, parsed language.  No more calm and collected and passionless speeches and talking heads.  Their actions need to match the situation.  They they to get people’s attention and, importantly, the media’s attention.  Boring doesn’t do that.  They need to lay out the dark that is coming in no uncertain terms.  And they need to make clear the Dems will protect them from it and make their lives better.

The Dems need to characterize the Republicans in the harshest terms possible — no hedging.  That should be easy given what they’ve done and want to do. The Republicans as a group need to be painted with one brush.  This is no time for bipartisanship.  No time to think that if they diss the Republicans it will make it harder to get anything done in Congress.  No time to think there are any good Republicans.  There aren’t and the Republicans DON’T CARE.  This is an us or them moment.

Dem voters are getting fed up with the passivity and horrible messaging of their Dem leaders and most of their Representatives and Senators.  The usual will lose votes. If we want to win it has to be gloves off.  Heads on pikes.  No prisoners.  No mercy. 

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