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There was a time in American politics where issues would be debated.  One side would want one thing, and the other would want another thing.  Usually, they’d fight it out, sometimes in a heated fashion and other times in a more subdued manner, each presenting facts to back their view and, ultimately, one side would prevail.  That was called legislation.
It was slow-moving, to be sure, but it was mostly civil and mostly in the interest in at least some constituents, presumably those that voted the legislators in.  Those days passed us sometime in the last year of Obama’s Presidency.

In his last year, Obama nominated Merrick Garland to fill a SCOTUS position.  Garland was very qualified and had a proven track record.  Mitch McConnell blocked that nomination with partisan bullshit and ultimately began the breaking of American democracy.  There was no reason for the block, except on hyper-partisan lines.  The downfall began.

Ever since that decision, the filibuster rules on SCOTUS nominees has been changed from a “super majority” (60 of 100) to a simple majority.  Republicans controlled (and continue to control) the Senate, so if 51 of them say “no” in so many words, then no SCOTUS nominee.  Not even a hearing.

We ended up with someone that definitely likes beer.  And he lifted weights with Squi and PJ a lot, per the weird calendar.

This isn’t a simple difference of opinion.  This is a flat out refusal to even debate about one qualified judge and after that, ramming through a thoroughly unqualified judge despite claims of sexual offense and a comprehensive “No!” from the entire American Bar Association.

Move on to the current acting AG, penis model Matthew Whitaker.  After Sessions was forced to resign/fired, he was promptly replaced with a Trump apologist that has no Senate confirmation and a history of being a giant douche bag that was lit on fire and thrown into a KOA camp site.  Not only has this dildo muppet stolen thousands (if not more) from veterans (and others) through a scam company that probably made Trump envious, he has no experience in the subjects he’s expected to be the ultimate decider on.
In other words, he’s pretty much every other Trump appointee, except for the dick metaphors.  Those are all him.
I’ve outlined just two of the bigger “f*ck the other people, we want our money” decisions made by this miserable conglomerate of congealed liquid paper trolls.  However, every single thing has become binary, yes or no, good or bad.  There’s zero compromise, zero empathy, zero human compassion, zero humanity.  For the Republicans, it’s “our way or f*ck you”.
The point of my little rant here is that the actual adults in the room need to retake control.  There is no compromise on a border wall.  There is no “looking the other way” on baby kidnapping.  The only way forward is hard, and it has to be done.  Remove the morons, hangers-on, and enablers and, ultimately, remove the accidental Depends model.  Not by force of bullets or other military means, but by means of law.  Those are already in place.  They just need to be enforced.
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